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    Went to doc today to get more Percocet. She's determined to get rid of my pain any other way but with narcotics. I have MRI on Monday, to rule out MS, or other neurological disorders. She did give me 30 Percocet, and said come back in two weeks. She also gave me Tryptan and Effexor. She said these would help to take the pain away........I could be wrong, but I feel I have to TRY anything. I'm definately NOT depressed, nor do I have sleep problems. If anyone is familiar with these drugs, please let me know your experiences. My frickin' head is pounding soo hard right now, after two Percacet, so that'll be four gone by the end of today. Two weeks, I don't think so. Well gotta go put my kids to bed...a little peace and quiet, sounds good! Laura
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    I need some input, Thanks