Dr. appt. tomorrow- please pray

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    Some of you may know that I had a catheter ablation done in August. I had a congenital heart defect that was discovered when they were trying to figure out my FM.

    They went in through a catheter and killed the electrical cells where is was causing my heart to race. In some cases it can come back. Ususally if it comes back, it'll be the same day it is removed.

    I was checked a few times in the hospital, then about 3 weeks later, and I'll go in again in about 2 weeks.

    Lately, I've been feeling the heart doing some funny flips, nothing major, and not like it was before. I have been under some stress. Work has been stressful, and we're still having money problems- so it could just be stress.

    As most of you know, it's so hard just to keep plodding on each day. I do have a strong faith, and it keeps me going.

    I just can't think of going through the procedure again, and the bills....Please include me in your prayers if you remember.

    I haven't told anyone else this information. People all just want you to go one, and just make everything work. When I do say that I'm tired or not having a great day, no one listens anyway. Sometimes my kids do, but that's it. I told my co-workers that I had FM and they just, "Oh, so do you just live on Advil then?" They haven't said another word about it since then, and neither have I. They must think I'm just doing wonderfully-LOL.

    Most other people that I told knew someone that has FM, and they were very compasionate, and check back with me on how I'm doing. I love those people- they don't make you the center of attention, but say enough to let you know that they care.

    My appointment is tomorrow. Today, I just received a final notice from the hospital for payment in 10 days. Please keep me in prayer- I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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    Don't wait for the appt. Call your doc ASAP. It may be nothing but it's not worth taking the chance. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Find out if your hospital has an in house financial assistance program. Even if you don't qualify for goverment aid, these programs help reduce the amount you owe.

    Even if the entire bill is "due" in ten days, in my state they have to accept partial payment. So even if its only a few dollars try to make a payment.

    Finally, if the hospital receives any funds from the federal goverment, they cannot refuse you treatment.

    Dear Lord,

    I pray for Carlie and ask that she receive a good report concerning her heart surgery and that her symptoms are not serious. Provide her a way to cover her medical bills and give her family financial stability.

    In Jesus' name I pray,
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    I'm going in tomorrow morning, so I should know if I'm still all clear. If it was alarming, I'd be there now! Thanks for caring. I hope you are doing better- it's nice to see you on this board!

    Thanks for all of the responses! I so appreciate it-God Bless all of you.
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    I checked out just fine at the doctors today. He told me to stop worrying. I guess when you have something going on with your heart, you are more in tune with it. Like you are much more aware than other people. What I was feeling was normal. The EKG was totally clear!

    I put all glory on God for this! Everyday is a humbling experience for me as God teaches me lessons.

    Thank you for all of your support!
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    Please write a letter to the hospital about your bill. I had to do that once and they listened and then they removed the debt. I have no doubt yours can be reduced or removed. Please don't wait out the ten days, but do it now, before the collection agency is involved. God bless you, your health and your finances, in Jesus' mighty Name, amen
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    Praying that your health and financial situation will improve. My 13 year old`s heart was racing Monday and he felt so bad. I had to get him out of school and take him to the doctor. His was caused by an over-the-counter nose spray that had a decongestant in it. The doctor said they have people come in all the time with racing heart and shortness of breath because of decongestants.

    I never know that, I thought I would mention it too in case you every have to use a decongestant. She said anti-histemes do the same thing sometimes in people.

    I pray that you will feel better soon,
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    Thank you for telling me that! I would have never know it...We think all of this over-the-counter stuff is OK, but we really have to so careful of everything.