Dr. appt. tomorrow, Would like alittle advice

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    I have my 2nd. appt with pain Dr. tomorrow. Have been on vocidon 3x day. For the past month. He is not able to prescribe meds,but spoke with my PCP so she would. Only today her nurse would not. Said I need to see a pain Dr. Yes, I'm confused too. I was thinking of asking for Ultram in place of the vicidon. Any in put? My pain scale is Usually 9 in the a.m. to never below a 4-5 with the meds. But at least I can get some things done on a good day. Also there is a Dr. who specializes in fibro among other things. But his approach is no narcotics. He treats with the guifeson treatment. Really don't know if I can do without the pain meds. Has any one had any luck with this kind of treatment? God Bless, Anna
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    My personal opinion is to do what you had planned to do, ask your doctor for Ultram in place of Vicodan. It would be a lot safer for you.

    Try to get by on the Ultram and save the strong stuff for when you really need it. Your body will become immune to it and when you have a surgery, etc. and really need the benefit of a strong painkiller, it won't work because you have already built up a tolerance to it.

    I was fussing about my pain doc only starting me out on Darvocet, but after thinking it over logically, I see that the doc is correct. The less, the better. It may not take away the pain, but as long as it makes it tolerable, it helps.

    It is still so fresh in my mind of watching my father after he had his leg amputated (due to diabetes) and the pain that he was in. They put him on moraphine (? sp.). He needed it desperately and had he taken it alot before and his system built up a tolerance to it, it would not have helped him at all. I couldn't have stood that. But, the moraphine kept him sedated for days until they reduced his pain meds down to Percocets.

    Everyone has different opinions and different pain tolerances, and different amount of pain, though, so you have to do what YOU think is best for you.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I'll let you know what happens. I don't know why but I always thought darvocet was more than vicodin. Shows how much I don't know. I'd love to chat more but we have a major snow storm coming in, actually already here. Hop I make my appt. But tomorrow is going to be much worse. Thanks again, Anna