Dr Apt Thurs Need Your Input Re: Quitting Cymbalta????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Toga, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Toga

    Toga Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I have an apt w/ my Dr on Thursday morning. I was involved in a Milnacipran Drug Study that ended about a year ago and have since been on Cymbalta 90 mg daily.

    Before beginning the Milnacipran Study I had been on Prozac,Neurontin, and Vioxx. I had lost about 20-25 lbs which I needed to do.

    Immediately on the Milnacipran I gained a few pounds each month, adding up to 30 lbs at the end of the study, back to the weight I had been before beginning to lose. I thought I might lose on the Cymbalta. I did not, didn't gain any more but didn't lose.

    I'm sorry if I'm too wordy. But, I'm thinking of asking the Dr's opinion about stopping the Cymbalta and going back on Prozac to see if I can lose some of this weight.

    I still am low on energy and have quite a bit of pain but my attitude is good on Cymbalta. I know I need to exercise and am going to mention the possibility of Physical Therapy to get me going again.

    (I went two months without any meds before the study drug and stopped exercising because I was so miserable and never started again.)

    I think I'd feel better several pounds lighter and it would help other problems I have also (HBP etc.) BUT, if the pain increases measurably, I don't want to give up the possibility of going back on Cymbalta.

    Does any of this make sense?

    How should I approach him on this? Or should I just forget it? I would rather be fat and feel less pain but I don't want to stay this way if another drug regime would work on the pain and help me lose weight also.

    I guess I want him to be willing to give this a try. Maybe he would suggest something else, I don't know. But I would also want to be able to go back on Cymbalta if the thing I might try, doesn't help the pain enough.

    Another curious thing is that no doctor has ever told me to lose weight. I am a good 50 lbs overweight but they just don't say anything about it. I do dress accordingly. My daughter says that I don't look as fat as I really am.

    Enough gabbing. Do any of you have any advice about this? Should I talk to him about this or should I just leave well enough alone? I feel ok some of the time but I just keep thinking, what if I could feel a little better?

    I want to accomplish more and keep pooping out and am suffering moderate (sometimes more) pain and fatigue each day.

    Thanks for any help or advice you might have for me.

    Love to all,

  2. place

    place New Member

    I would ask. Put it that if there is another drug that can do the same without the side effects.
  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    about the weight and exercise.I don't get told by Drs. to lose either but I would be better off without the extra lbs.PT helped me alot last yr.to sit up straight instead of bending over from pain.It's hard to start those darn exercises isn't it?The first week is a killer.I must weigh 168 again,must because I'm scared to look lol.Just 15lb. would satisfy me but it might as well be a 100.So about the Cymbalta.I take it for Neuropathy in my legs and it seems to not work as well.I talked to my Rheumy and he didn't offer much help.I can't take Neurontin it makes me forgetful or even more so then I am.I worry if I stop it I'll find out it was working more then I thought and I went through withdrawls for nothing.Well I'm not much help am I.I guess I just want you to know somebody else is in the same boat.I keep thinking some is better then nothing as far as relief goes.
  4. hangten52

    hangten52 New Member

    Before you decide to go off Cymbalta, make sure you talk to your doc. I've been on Cymbalta about 6 mths and have tried to quit taking it, but the 2nd day w/o it, I start going through withdrawals.

    I used to be on Paxil, and the withdrawals off Paxil is unbearable, believe me. I thought I was losing my mind, lol. (probably was). Anyway, what the doc did was have me keep taking the Paxil for two weeks while taking the Cymbalta. Once the Cymbalta started working, I titred off the Paxil with no problems whatsoever.

    Good luck,

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  5. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    Please don't ever go off of these drugs without a schedule of tapering off. If you keep decreasing your dose you can eventually get off with little or no side effects.

    I stopped Paxil once while on vacation because I felt good. OMG!!! Was that a mistake. I got extremely parinoid and strange. My Honey brought them to me and gently suggested I take one.... :)

    I have gone off Paxil on a schedule given to me by my Doc and I had no side effects. I am presntly on Cymbalta, I have not tried to go off, but I hear you need to come off of it the same way as Paxil.

  6. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Chemically, Cymbalta and Prozac are very similar.

    Prozac's chemical name is fluoxetine hydrochloride.

    Cymbalta's chemical name is duloxetine hydrochloride.

    Switching may not help you right now the way you might think it will.

    I feel much the same way that you do - it's so hard for me to lose weight.

    I have thyroid problems and I don't think my current dose of thyroid medication is up where it should be.

    Ask your doctor about getting a thyroid panel (not just a TSH). My TSH was normal, but my T3/T4 ratio was abnormal. It would not have been detected if only a TSH had been run.

    Madame Curie

  7. Toga

    Toga Member

    I've definitely got some food for thought. I am going to talk to him if he'll listen.

    The thyroid thing is a must do. I've been telling myself that I should find a Endo doc and have a real thyroid test done. I need one who believes in FM though.

    My primary runs one each year but not the T3/T4 ratio. I am on Thyroid Meds but the tiniest dosage possible.

    Thanks so much and if anyone else has some input, bring it on.


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