Dr Bell: "XMRV the Puppet-master!"

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  1. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi All,

    Interesting, thoughtful and humorous newsletter this month by Dr. Bell - addressing this subject! Don't miss it:


    Thanks to ProHealth for directing us to this info:


    God Bless,


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  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    for some reason i did not get my weekly newsletter from them today, and with all the news this week, I really wanted to see what they included
  3. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    lol nofool! That's funny.

    It's great to see that Dr. David Bell is so enthusiastic about XMRV.
  4. RunningAntelope

    RunningAntelope New Member

    Yes, and what's really funny about it is that, as much as I respect Dr. Bell, what does his site really offer in the way of value? Moreover, why is it that he's writing a book chronicling Dr. Cheney's model, because he is so IMPRESSED by it? Why is it that he was being trained by Dr. Cheney sitting in on one of my appts and was in awe? Why is it that it took a massive PRIVATE grant to finally solidify and vindicate a theory that one Dr. Cheney was vigilantly pursuing 20 years ago, going bankrupt in the process? Why is it that our public grants have gone to institutions that have thwarted and stymied research in this area, prefering to deny reality and cast patients off into the realm of metaphysics? Those greedy shameful capitalists. What did Bill Gates ever do for the world anyway?
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  5. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I think what you're saying is that you don't think Dr. Bell has anything to contribute. Is that correct? And/Or are you saying that he is out to make money off of us?

    Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of the fact that Dr. Bell worked mostly or completely with the children who have CFS at a time when he was mostly isolated because of the stigma of CFS. And, while many of us don't agree with Cheney's conclusions, he is still a brilliant doctor who compassionately cares about helping CFS patients.

    I'm sorry but the rest of your post is confusing to my foggy brain. Can you elaborate?

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  6. RunningAntelope

    RunningAntelope New Member

    Nope, you misconstrued the aim of my post. I never said Dr. Bell doesn't have anything to contribute and that he's not a compassionate man. I have met him. I already told you I have one of his early books on CFIDS, and I as much told him that if I knew he was going to be present at my appt. with Dr. Cheney, I would have had him autograph it, to which he responded something to the effect that that book was "worthless," though that may have been his attempt at self-deprecating humility. Dr. Bell, along with Drs. Cheney and Peterson was one of the most EARNEST investigators with resolve in the early course of the disease and, as I ALREADY SAID, is going to be vindicated along with his cohorts.

    I was responding to the not-so-subtle, ad-hominem attacks on Dr. Cheney that continue, despite this man's devotion to solving this riddle. His website offers a helluva lot more than any other "websites," and he is funded essentially with private grant money from his patients and other revenue streams as is Dr. Peterson via the WPI. I am very aware of the man Dr. Bell is. How many times do we have to go over this? But, he was absolutely awestruck by what Cheney is doing. I personally witnessed it. He was scratching his head and seemed overwhelmed and incredulous. Just MY observation. He doesn't anonymously castigate a man who he very much respects and has fully vetted, unlike the fools on here. I wouldn't be writing this passionately if I not only didn't possess education in microbiology, hadn't worked in a cardiology clinic myself, and also hadn't gotten much reprieve from this illness.

    This board really kind of sucks honestly.

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  7. hensue

    hensue New Member

    We need your input you are a lot smarter than us about all of this stuff. People on this board are hurting and desperatly trying to find answers. They will have foolish statements and comments like we all do.
    We are just stuck in this world hoping and praying something is going to make a difference.
    maybe a lot of us are not scentists so we have uneducated guesses. So stick with us I like reading what you have to say.

    I do like the fact you are so intense!

    Take Care
  8. RunningAntelope

    RunningAntelope New Member

    hensue, this has nothing to do with being smart. This has to do with orchestrated, uninvited, malicious, nonconstructive, and UNINFORMED attacks. And that they are construed as funny? Astounding. We all have limited time and energy, and I'd much prefer to use it in constructive fashion. This board is toxic and SAPS me of energy, and I'm oft tempted to go into my own personal exile, especially with my dad's recent cancer diagnoses (I am not seeking sympathy or displaying false humility BTW - that's not who I am). But thanks all the same.

    "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool"

    => Touchstone from William Shakespeare

  9. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Do you mind telling me his diagnosis we have come so far in helping cancer patients and cures.
    Take care of yourself, I know you are not seeking sympathy but I would like to talk.
    Please make time for yourself

    I do hope you and your family are ok and I am so sorry about the cancer? What is the prognosis?

    I had one parent that was given 6 months my dad and lived almost 6 years.
    Well you know a lot more about this than I do but I have found most of the time the docs here are right on with time... found out they cannot decide it.
    My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer she was a judge here in our town and she looked fine. I was sitting in back of her and waved my hands no time to the doc.. so he did not say anything. She says my Mom I am not worried about where I am going but how I am going to get there?? In other words we have been down this path and she did not want to suffer.
    He told her that would not happen. We live in a fairly small town but independtly wealthy a lot of old money and plantations. We have top notch docs and oncologist.
    In my mind I am sending her to MD Anderson in Texas I thought.
    So she sits in lobby talking to people she knows, I go in to get her script and told the doc you can tell me how long do you think she has? I am thinking years he says 3 weeks if her heart holds out. I almost fainted but she lived two more weeks mind you she walk in. Up to the weekend I admitted her to hospital she was fine. She did start taking some pain meds not much.
    She died the day before my birthday yuk.
    She was a wise woman very beautiful and people in this town miss her till this day.

    She told me this is how you want it the order of life you are suppose to die before your children and Grandchildren.

    She was right!

    sorry this is so long please let me know and keep in touch

  10. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Thank you for elaborating. I see where you're coming from now. Sorry, I don't recall going over all this with you before. That's probably because whenever things get contentious on here I just go read a different thread also, I can't keep every post in my memory from every person here.

    My dad had prostrate cancer about 15 years ago and they were able to cure him very easily actually and he's still going strong today. I just wanted to let you know that to give you hope.

    I'm very sorry your dad has cancer. I hope he will be okay too.

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  11. GoWest

    GoWest New Member

    Running Antelope,
    I would be most interested to know what treatments Dr. Cheney has given you and how you have responded to that treatment. Also, a private question if you wish to respond, How much have you spent for this treatment including travel and access to website information.


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