Dr. Bell's IV Saline article Nov 29, 2006

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cyberma, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Cyberma

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    Dr. Bell explains how he came to suspect that it might be the IV saline making patients improve and how he then tried it for various persons and what effects were obtained. An excellent write-up in my opinion.

    But it obviously raises another question. If IV saline helps, even temporarily, would oral increased salt (NaCl) and water be of help?

    Have Dr. Bell and his patients tried increased oral salt and water? Have others who may read this post tried increased oral salt and water? If so, what effects -- if any -- were noted?

    I myself have come to think over the last several years that just using reasonable amounts of salt on/in my food (unmeasured) and being sure that I remember to take adequate liquids by mouth (unmeasured and just about anything generally considered healthful) makes me feel better -- and the opposite (avoiding salt and allowing myself to become dehydrated) makes me feel ill.
  2. norris2

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    When I was taking IV antibiotics for lyme, I also did IV saline. This also made me feel much better.

    I also started pouring Real Salt (real sea salt, not the cheap stuff at the grocery) into my water. I kept doing this as long as my blood pressure was not high....and it never was. I would consume fairly large amounts of salt.

    It always helped symptoms a great deal. I am doing significantly better now, esp. with the dehydration symptoms, so I use less and less salt, but if you don't have high BP and it helps, real salt is not harmful IMO (I'm not a doctor).

    Two other things that helped with blood volume/circulation problems were florinef and niacin. I don't have to use the florinef much anymore either, but still use niacin, esp when doing something active.

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