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    Does anyone know what state Dr Berg is in?
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    Wow, you've been to him? Do you like him. Did he do you any good? Yes I would like the address and phone#
    Thank you,'
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    So you've been on it for 2 years. Do you think it's worked for you? I went to my dr today and he's going to call DR Berg and see if he will see me or give my dr some advice. Is it worth a try? Please answer me soon so I can call my dr tomorrow if I decide not to do it.
    Or you can e-mail me. My address is in my bio. I would love to hear about this from someone who knows for sure.
    I'll stay online for awhile and see if you answer me.
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    Thank you sooooo much. I'm going to let my dr call him for sure now. Were you the one who told Sujay about Dr. Berg? I did go in and read some of the stuff you wrote about this. Again thank you for answering me. What a wonderful vacation you had, huh. And a Grandma again. I bet you're on cloud nine. I know you worry about your daughter, too, though. Man, the before and after pictures of you were like day and night. I will be talking to you more for sure.
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    This is the number that the website says the owner should call:

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    search under the following and you will pull lots of sites for dr. berg... articles he has written, his hemex site (you are right, his site is down) but you can get to his articles and other info, etc....

    dr berg cfids hemex

    lots of luck.....my husband and I are starting on heparin this week or at least supposed to if our dr. office calls back and everything is in order. She was still waiting on the enzyme we take with the heparin.... then in 3-4 weeks she does the PCR test on me again (the first ones were negative because Dr. Berg think mycoplasmas or HHV6 or whatever hiding inside hypercoagulated cells and when the heparin releases the fibrous like tissues they come out of hiding usually 2 weeks after starting heparin) and 1 week after starting heparin we start an enzyme which is supposed to assist the heparin in getting into the cells. After we do the shots of heparin for 3 months then we go on oral heparin...we started cipro 2 months ago and based on what the PCR tests reveal will tell our dr. and Dr. berg how we should proceed with treatment. My daughters start on oral heparin because being young (teenaagers) dr. berg says they are not so bad and that will work on them. Thank god because think about 2 shots a day of heparin to the stomach....ouch ouch ouch.....
    Oh, we started transfer factor several weeks ago but our Dr. said that Dr. Berg wants us on a different one and she has ordered it. Don't know what kind it is yet...

    I'll keep you posted....

    P.S. Also pull up Dr. Garth Nicholson and Dr. Brewer. Dr. Nicholson believes that antibiotics will successfuly treat us and Dr. Brewer has good articles on HHV6.

    The hemex seminar on June 28th in arizona has dr. brewer, and dr. berg and another dr. who works in brewers office and others as speakers. Our dr. is going.....

    take care....crissy

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