Dr Blaylock: New Discoveries About Vaccines

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    Hi All,

    I know many of us wonder whether vaccines carry other viruses and interestingly, Dr Blaylock (the neurosurgeon who is an expert in excitatory and inflammatory mediators) in his newsletter this month addresses this subject.

    From his newsletter:

    "...problems that are hidden from the public (regarding vaccines):
    First, most vaccines are contaminated with a number of viruses, viral fragments and even cancer-causing viruses."

    As many of you know XMRV is thought to be a cancer causing virus...

    Food for thought...

    Obviously, vaccines are another possible route for transmission and infection. This is particularly worrisome being that children with autism often first show symptoms following a vaccination.

    According to Dr Mikovits, vaccines upregulate T and B cells of the immune system - which sets a fertile ground for XMRV to express itself.

    God Bless,

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