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    how far ahead do we have to make an appointment?

    What are his costs?

    Does he have a web page?

    Does he do phone consults after the first apt?
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    LISALOO New Member


    LISALOO New Member

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    He takes insurance. I have Cigna. So it was a $15 co-pay. Of course, I had to fly to Kansas City, MO, for the first appointment so that bumped the price up.

    But I'm in the Midwest.. I flew there and back in one day. It wasn;t a big deal.

    IMHO, it was worth it, tho. I think he is open to doing f/up apptments by phone.

    Yes, he has a web page. Google Dr Brewer and Plaza Medical Center.

    There's a 6 page study from 2000, discussing his research history with anti-virals. I think he has now fixed on Valcyte and transfer factor, over Famvir, Acyclovir, etc...

    Booking an apptment: you need to call his office NOW and get on his waiting list. Then they call u when he has an opening... and you have to take it, because if u pass, it cld be ages before something else comes up.
    (816 531 1550)

    I don't want to give the impression that he is god. But, he has been at this for a long time. He's got a track record with 500 patients on this protocol. He's got a background in infectious diseases, and I think he's a lot more cautious than the FFC docs, which I like.

    I had quite a chunky medical file when I went in there, He read thru it, and picked all the pertinent stuff out v. fast. He knows what he's looking for.

    If you search under WangoTango, on this board, you'll find posts from another of his patients. This guy .. Bill .. said he was 60/70 percent recovered in one of those posts.

    I think there was one other woman on this board who took her son to see him. I got the impression that her son didn't stick with the Transfer Factor.. because she wanted an "immediate cure."

    Also, I think she was frustrated by the fact that you can only see Brewer every 6 months.

    All I can tell you is that transfer factor, glutathione and supps have made a huge difference to me in 4 months. I'm still working at it, and the brain function is still a problem. But I feel like I'm headed towards a full recovery.

    I'm aslo taking chlorella and other supps to mop up heavy metals which I know are a problem from some testing I've had done with another doc.

    Anyhow, I wish you luck. And by the way, all the stuff that he put me on, you can get without an Rx. You might want to consider that while you're waiting.
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    What kind of transfer factor are you taking? Did Dr. Brewer suggest one? What are the criteria he uses?

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    What kind of glutathione does he have you on?
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    I see he also put Wangotango.. another board member.. on that too.

    Glutathione. He told me to get it up any way I can. He said IVs were teh best way in his experience.

    I do IVs (expensive), plus I nebulise it, (get the supplies from Key Pharmacy, Kent, WA) and I use ImmunoPro and Lipflow (liposomal liquid glut).

    Brewer also recommendded ImmunoPro. You can get it here.. or Immunity Today .. the same company that does ImmuneCare 64 .. sells it too for a good price.

    I have to say, if I overdo it on the glutathione, which I've done several times now.. I feel really bad.

    I think you can only detox so fast. I think in the beginning I probably didn't notice when I overdid it.. because I was feeling so bad overall.. but I've finally caught on.

    Other folks have reported the same thing.

    I've heard that the FFCs are doing TFs and antivirals at teh same tiem.. and I think that's an interesting idea.

    I think I responded to Valtrex in the past, so I'm gonna ask about combining them when I see him later this month.

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    Well, I think he tests out the TF empirically.

    He basically took a look at my clinical history.. viral-onset CFS, consistent brain fog and fatigue, blood tests showing previous infections of CMV and EBV..and it fits the pattern of patients who have responded to this protocol.

    My impression is that he thinks the cause of CFS is HHV6 ... gone stealth...and he says there is no good test for HHV6.

    Just my impression.

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    Does Dr. Brewer take into account testing and/or treating for bacterial infections and fungal infections as well? Or is he solely fixated on the viral infections?

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    we didnt' discuss bacterial/fungal stuff. It didn't come up.. and I couldn't draw him on the heavy metals posioning thing either.

    he said it wasn't his area.

    All the stuff on his website is viral-related...that's all i know.

    Professor Nicolson.. is more bacterial oriented. Maybe he's your guy.


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    Sounds interesting. It could be hard getting an appointment when my husband can go. I don't do planes. I got CFS after a plane trip!
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