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    Hello my friends-
    Haven't been posting too much- alot is going on or should I say has not stopped. Depression is coming and going so at least it doesn't last weeks at a time anymore- I started on the vicodin for pain(low dose) but also take the Zoloft,Xanax, Flexeril & my BP meds... I don't know if it helps or not, maybe a little but after 2 hours pain is back and it depends how long I do things before I rest some.

    Just can't seem to get that pace right- of course as you all know once you are doing stuff, you want to keep going so I guess I might have to stop before the pain sets in- cause when that does than I start the burning(neck,back, arms and sometimes in the knees -

    I spoke to Dr. Bruno yesterday, he is a very nice man and quite helpful- I told him my history of polio and some of the symptoms that started back about 25 years with my good leg... My new symptoms and newer ones recently- It seems repetitive motions that really get me-like I may do things once but repeating that task i hurt and burn-he said I could very much have PPS- but need to get things ruled out.

    He would be happy to evaluate me- I have to stay in touch. Just gotta get to NJ- which my sis said she would handle(finally she maybe realizing things) -He also does alot with FMS & CFS - he has a sense of humor which made me feel good... I spoke to SSD yesterday(local one) gave them the new med they put me on- should be hearing soon- I hope I get it- I will use the money to get some tests done I need. If Not:

    Has anyone ever heard of this: lower income, uninsured people getting tests done at hospitals? Maybe i should just walk in a hospital and they cannot deny me.
    Be Well - I check this sight quite alot hope you all are doing good - Janet
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    Good Morning-
    God did I sleep last night- It could be all the meds- but I got up this morning and don't pain like I usually do... This is got to be a godsend- cherish it...

    Dr. Bruno lives in NJ- that is where the clinic is- I live in the state of NY- if I were to go to any clinic for Polio that is whre I would like to go. He has one of the best clinics from what I have heard and gets patients from all over the world... So we will see. I will look for your post later today. Gotta try and get some things done.... We wanted to have another yard sale(1 day only) BUT the weather here has been rainy and cold.... It is getting too late for that stuff- I was sad cause my old digital camera is not compatible with my system. I really need a new camera.
    By for now Janet

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