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    Good day to all! I was wondering if anyone has had their doctor change his Dx? Mine told me from the beginning that I had CFS/FM and now that I am in the process of applying for disability and need a letter from him, he now says that I have FM with depression. What's with changing down the road? I haven't been taking anything for depression, nor have I complained of being depressed! Well, not really depressed. I do get down sometimes about this DD! But...DEPRESSED? I question him about it yesterday before I left and I got ignored, imagine that! Here I thought that I had a good doctor for a change!

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    I understand your concerns about being labeled "depressed." Unfortunately, so much stigma still adhers to diagnoses of mental illness that most of us balk when we hear the diagnosis. Studies show that 50% of people who could benefit from help for depression or other brain conditions don't get the help they could use because of the stigma.

    Recent dramatic advances in brain imaging have led medical researchers to conclude that depression is among the mental illnesses considered a brain disorder. In other words, when a person is dpressed, brain imaging studies show a change in some part of the brain. If the depression is mile, it's akin to something like having a broken finger in your hand. An X-Ray will reveal that the rest of your hand is fine. Your finger will hurt but the pain doesn't prevent you from being able to use your hand and functioning relatively normally. A mild depression could be considered a small break in part of the brain just like breaking a small bone in your pinkie is a small break in your hand.

    I've had depression for years and years and, only since the advent of these recent studies, have I been able to rid myself of internalizing the stigma and resultant shame associated with my illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH -- the federal agency charged with dealign with mental health issues),depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide -- meaning it's a widespread illness that is common througout the earth. The study goes on to report that disability caused by major depression (the actual, clinical diagnosis) is the equivalent of blindness or paraplegia -- so it's a serious illness but not one to be maligned or stigmatized.

    It's unfortunate that your doctor wouldn't talk to you about depression but I believe he may be doing you a favor by suggesting you include it as a reason for your disability. First of all, pain and depression just go in hand. To illustrate, I was feeling pretty good first thing this a.m. As the day wore on, I began to have a lot of breakthrough pain. As the pain worsened, so did my mood. Instead of being able to look at the positives in my situation, I could only see the negatives. I felt horribly sorry for myself -- and I just couldn't even think straight because of the pain. so, in the course of a brief time, I went from ok to depressed, all because of the pain. I hate to admit this, but it turned out the reason I was in so much pain was because I forgot -- fibro fog I suppose -- to take my pain meds. :eek:)

    I hope all my meanderings have helped, just a little. If you'd like any more info, please e-mail me separately. Click on my name. Then I can give you URLs you can check out about depression. My profile doesn't include much at this stage of the game but it does include my e-mail address.


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    As far as the SSD goes. Those guys LOVE depression. In fact, if you have depression accompanying the FMS it greatly increases the chances of getting the disability. Just make sure this doc is willing to put his signature where his mouth is when it comes time to fill out the questionnaires. BTW, get a good disability atty.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had a woman and her son living with me the past 4 months and her doctor put her down as depressed and she got her disability in 2 months. No questions asked. I was shocked after what I read the people go through here. I can not apply because I do not have enough recent credits. Go figure. This woman admitted to me she didnt understand that because she hasnt worked. So, I say that if having the depression down on paper helps you get it faster than dont let it bug you. I am still confused how our system works but I know that the depression DX does work! I wish a quick and speedy process for you! Kathleen
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    I'm in the same process and from everything I hear and read its great to have your doc write that..... you should also include your depressive symptoms on the "proverbial" list of things wrong with you for the socail security people... it helps.... just think of it as someone is doing you a favor and if you're like me.... they tell me I'm depressed and like you I'll admit to having good days and bad... but all in all... I would never tell anyone I 'm depressed... I don't feel sad.... but I have every other symptom of depression what ever that means LOL>>>> I call it fibrofog! anyway,,, just know in your heart you know more about you than anyone else on earth and do what you gotta do sister! Good luck!