Dr. Cheney a fake?

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    I spoke with Dr. Hugh Fudenberg today. I posted a message earlier for info. or experience with Dr. Hugh Fudenberg. It appears he is a world leading immunogeneticist. I find it very unusual that such a well published doctor who treats CFID's is virtually unknown. His name does not appear as a leading physician in treating this disease. Furthermore, he called Dr. Cheney a fake. This is very disturbing and not very professional. Any comments?
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    Dr. Fudenburg has "Cirriculum vitae" misspelled on his home page. Let us hope he is a better neuroimmunologist than he is speller.

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    I dont know anything about the man but the fact he has a misspelled word on his website doesnt have a real reflection on him to my way of thinking.

    I seriously doubt if he created the web site himself. They hire people to do that and a misspelled word could have happened in the process, often does. Even books get printed with misspelled words. Doesnt mean it was the author who didnt know how to spell it. Even so good spelling does not equal good doctor or visa versa

    just went and took a quick glance at his web site (10 seconds)
    He must have ok'd the photo and that makes me wonder about his mental status. In the very least he cares not if he look unfriendly, unkind and has no problem of promoting the unhealthy habbit of smoking by way of example.
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    OK, I had to go look, curiosity got the better of me. If that's a good shot what did rejected ones look like. :)

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    I have seen other docs attack those who are more well known and I know that there is often a lot of professional jealousy. It is unfortunate.

    Dr. Cheney has been heavily involved in the treatment, advocacy, and research of CFIDS since his practice was involved in the mid-eighties outbreak in Incline Village, NV. If y'all get ahold of the book, "Osler's Web," you can read about how hard he worked for us.

    He has developed some protocols to help others where no had existed. He is constantly refining his techniques.

    Right now, he is sick and awaiting a heart transplant. I hope many are praying for him. Perhaps this other doc could also use our prayers for a different reason.

    Love, Mikie
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    My little dig at Dr. Fudenberg was very tongue-in-cheek. Truth be told, I was very offended that anyone who has been such a tireless advocate on behalf of CFIDS patients and who has done more to advance the treatment of CFIDS sufferers could be called "a fake." Furthermore, I thought that a person such as Dr. Fudenberg, someone not unaccustomed to flippancy himself, could use a little serving of the stuff.

    I won't say Dr. Cheney is beyond reproach. It's just that I have a lot of contempt for people like Dr. Fudenberg who muddle certain very important issues for CFIDS sufferers. Respectability by the medical community at large is one such issue.

    Anyone who has a problem with Dr. Cheney needs to take a look at his work, both in the treatment of his patients and at his ability to synthesize masses of information. I personally have benefited greatly from him and I am not even one of his patients nor have I ever met him.

    One of my teachers once told me, "If something explains everything, it explains nothing." And if Dr. Fudenberg thinks he, himself, can explain everything then there's no doubt in my mind that he has explained nothing.

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