DR. Cheney is my dr. of 5 yrs. this may help others

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    Dr. Cheney dx me in ll/98 with CFIDS. I"ve noted some of my bizzare top symptoms the very top one being dry burning cough non prod. and later with sandpaper dryness with a sensation of fire ants burning biting raspy etc. tongue mouth throat and brochials, flu like, now i've in last 2 yrs. devloped more body pain, i'm bedridden l8/24 hrs. can't drive, food senstivities and symptoms i could fill a page with, my experience with Dr. C.

    l. I stillmust go from Ky to asheville yearly to remain active patient and disability reviews look to him
    2. I can't afford phone consults as i need due to 8.50 per min. and i stay stressed finan. because i have to pay for written or fax responses for test, my PCP is nice in KY but she can't interpret the test
    3. So i can't get the regular care i need causes of my dis. income and he is fee for ser.
    4. this adds to my stress
    5. nothing has worked we've tried including i've had problems with gh shots,

    NO blame though, he didn't make me sick,
    I don't know how sick he is he told me his mercury story in 6/0l and i had all mine removed per same protocol
    he started me on metal free spray and gh to detox me and i got sicker but i don't thik it was that i think it was the other factors, cfs progression i'm malnourished yes i binge, but he himself said it's a vicioius cycle i'm bedridden and in so much pain from the top symptom and others, and shot gut ecology thatmany days its a matter of can i get up to get proper nourishment, or can I get up period? The i get so hungry i eat everything in site

    with th2 overacivtion and inablity to stay on strict rotation for so many yrs. i'm very ill and de stabilized

    HOW sick is he? I don't know , his STaff changes a lot one lady has been with him since i've been going the rest chnage it seems every so many months

    some are kindof rude and curt on the phone and seem to have very little patience,

    I ask how he is and they say fine but drs. have told him to take it easy.

    He's had plenty of time to detox and was doing much better in 6/0l after puttin ghiimself on GH and cell protect antioxands,

    but the heart things came back so i'm not sure it's mercury but then i don't know much

    That's the story i know from a patient,

    God bless paul mark in KY
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    Hello Paulmark,
    I'm sorry to hear you are doing so poorly even with Dr. Cheney's treatment. Dr. Cheney has great knowledge and I have read many of his articles and articles transcribed by his patients.

    I tried to see him over about two and a half years ago and sent him a deposit to be put on his long waiting list but I received a rejection letter. It was disappointing because I was willing to take out a loan just to see him. Fortunately it turned out to be a good thing I didn't spend the money to see Dr. Cheney as my current doctor, Dr. Poesnecker started treating me properly and I am much improved by his naturopathic treatment. I can't take prescription meds with my oversensitive system so most CFS docs would not be much help to me.

    Love, Jasmine
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    I am so sorry that you are still so sick.

    Have you tried to find a good doc closer to home who treats CFIDS and is knowledgeable? I know Cheney is an expert, but he doesn't seem to be helping you. I hope you can find a way to heal. I keep you in my prayers.

    Thanks for the health update on Dr. Cheney.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am so sorry you are still feeling awful. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Dr. Cheney.

    Praying you get better,
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    I am so sorry that you are so sick. I understand how it is when your doctor doesn't take insurance and you can't work anymore. I'm going through the same thing right now. I have been trying to find a good doctor for CFS in my area (Maryland) that takes my insurance. My endocrinologist is in Washington, DC but I have to pay about $500 out of pocket per visit. He does seem to know what he is doing though, so that makes it worse.

    I'm not sure if this will help . . . I checked the "good dr." list here & noticed there weren't any listed for Kentucky. I did a web search for CFS support groups in KY and found a listing on the CDC of CFS support (actually found one in my own town that I wasn't aware of). The one for Maryland had a website & e-mails to contact, but the KY one did not. Here is the contact info . . . maybe you could try to call or write them to find out what dr. they are seeing in KY . . . I know this isn't much, but I would like to help you in any way that I can . . . Terri

    I am currently staying in Tennessee with a friend & going to Vanderbilt . . . somewhat helpful, but not really what I had hoped for. Have you seen an infectious disease dr? The fact that you are getting worse could mean an infectious agent at work getting a firmer hold??

    Dorothy J. Emmick
    1410 4th Street
    Lewisport KY 42351

    Richard Fister
    105 Terrill Drive
    Elsmere KY 41018

    Vicki Weller
    207 Manor House Lane
    Frankfort KY 40601-8616
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    Paul -- I know we all manifest different symptoms and probably the theory that this group of symptoms may have many underlying causes is correct. I have never had the cough you describe during my bought with CFS . . . I have however had something similar years ago when I had pneumonia. Pneumonia can be caused by Mycoplasma, bacteria, virus or fungus (i believe the fungus type usually only happens in those that are immune compromised which many of us are) . . . has this been checked out? Also, I wonder how many of us may have had pneumonia in the past before coming down with CFS . . . just a thought. Does your chest hurt when you cough? I had severe chest pain and pleurisy (swelling of the lining of the lung) when I had pneumonia. They found it with a lung scan. Terri
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