Dr Cheney to speak April 25 in DC area

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    Saturday April 25, 2009, 6 - 9 pm:

    "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS):
    Is Oxygen the Problem and Why?
    A Four-Part Treatment Protocol"

    Fairfax County Governental Center - The Board Auditorium
    12000 Government Center Parkway
    Fairfax, VA 22035
    (near Dulles Airport)

    Hosted by
    NOVA CFS/FMS Support Group
    and co-sponsored by
    CFS & FM Support Group of Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX

    Speaker: Paul Cheney, MD, PhD
    CFS and Environomental Illness (EI) Expert
    of The Cheney Clinic in Asheville, NC

    In addition to presenting a broad overview of CFS including important principles, case definition, clinical findings, objective data, key medical literature, Dr. Cheney will present on oxygen toxicity as well as his latest four-part treatment protocol:

    Oxygen Toxicity as a Controlling Factor for CFS

    This section of the presentation will focus on the research finding of nearly 100% toxicity in CFS patients when oxygen is administered. Dr. Cheney will present evidence that patients categorized according to increasingly powerful treatment protocols were transformed to an increasingly oxygen tolerant state. The most powerful treatment protocol was also associated with significant overall clinical improvement. Conclusions drawn from this are CFS is an oxygen toxic state, oxygen toxicity status appears to determine outcome in therapeutic trials, and oxygen toxicity is key to this illness. These findings appear to force a narrowing of potential causes of CFS because whatever pathophysiology one puts forth must explain universal oxygen toxicity in CFS. Dr. Cheney will also present recent evidence of the likely cause of this oxygen toxicity.
    For more: Oxygen Toxicity as a Locus of Control for CFS

    Cell Associated Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
    Is this the Next Frontier?

    Dr. Cheney will discuss the use of low molecular weight (LMW), mammalian tissue derived peptides as therapeutic agents when applied to the skin using novel transdermal gels. These LMW peptides are known to control gene expression and can shift organ function toward normal. Data will be presented from a one-year prospective trial in CFS using these LMW peptides which produced significant improvement in function. Therapy with LMW peptides from cell associated, mammalian tissue homogenates appear to offer a significant benefit in CFS, especially where it counts the most, namely, the functioning of the patient. (or ... namely, the patients' ability to do more and feel better.)
    For more: Cell Associated Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is this the Next Frontier?

    Registration, cancellations requested to, for more info,
    contact NOVA Leader Elly Brosius (contact information available at www.geocities.com/cfsnova).

    Free seminar.
    Please do not wear scented products.
    Event will be video taped for possible future DVD sales.

    Any changes regarding this event will be posted on the
    NOVA group's Events Web Page:

    See also the DFWcfids.com page on Dr. Cheney
    includes artilces, interviews and treatment protocols.

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    Thanks mezombie!

    I would love to go see him if this was closer - his new research is very exciting!

    Anyone planning on attending?

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