Dr. Cheney to speak at Conference!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. FM58

    FM58 New Member

    Hi All,

    There is going to be a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference - run by the New Jersey Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association.

    Date: Saturday, November 5
    Time: Noon - 5 PM
    Location: Eatontown NJ

    For more information go to www.njcfsa.org

    Dr. Paul Cheney is going to speak on CFIDS & Cardiomyopathy - that sounds rather interesting since he is now practicing again after his heart attack.

    Dr. Susan Levine (of NYC) is also speaking - News Update on CFS.

    There is another speaker talking about Children w/ CFIDS & education.

    This Conference is sponsored by a local hospital and they are offering CME credits.

    I really want to attend this conference - I had my registration form all filled out and ready to mail - but then I realized I have a major conflict. One of my really good friends, is having their 25th Wedding Anniversary Party that day. I went to elementary school, HS & 2 years of college w/ her! There are 6 of us HS gals that still get together on a regular basis. I need to go to the Anniversary Party - but I really want to go to the Conference, I am soooo torn!

    Hope this info helps & someone will be able to go & obtain some useful information at the Conference.

    So IF you do go, please update us all afterward - Thanks!

    Gentle Hugs,
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  2. lauralea443

    lauralea443 New Member

    some one goes and tells us how it is.

    I live in California so no way to go LOL.

  3. FM58

    FM58 New Member

    There's gotta be someone in NJ. eastern PA, Delaware or southern NY - that is interested in this!

    Or travel from out of state- they are booking a block of hotel rooms.
  4. Frecker777

    Frecker777 New Member

    Hey all,
    I think I will be attending the conference in November, but will most likely only stay for Dr Cheney’s portion. I have seen Dr Levine before and frankly, wasn’t impressed. Anyone else going?

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