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    While Dr Cheney ws in Charlotte NC I was a patient for chronic fatigue. After he left I never really had much help but learned to live with it. Then the fibromyalgia struck. I havent been able to wook for 6 years. The pain is so bad some days I can barely walk. There is now a support group in my area and I go to that. It is just getting started and I think needs a lot of help. Anyone got suggestions?
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    Sorry to hear about your pain nene - I hope you have found another good doctor. Hopefully someone else will jump in here and give you some suggestions on pain management, that is not my biggest issue, mine is much more the fatigue so I'm not the best to give advice.

    Would you mind telling us your experience with Dr. Cheney? I have been on the verge of almost going to see him, but he is so expensive, I don't know if I can afford it if it doesn't work.

    Since you haven't seen him for awhile, I guess you haven't tried his latest protocal with cell signaling factors??

    I would love to hear anything and everything that you are willing to share - about his treatment effectiveness, his bedside manner, his staff, and about his availability if you have questions.

    I have spoken to his office a handful of times, and each time I have to leave a message on voice-mail and they don't call back for several days. It might be because I am not a patient, but it concerns me for the established patients..

    Good luck with your support group, that could be a great resource!

    Thanks in advance,
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    I take gabapentin and even tho' it's prescribed for neuropathic pain, I do believe it helps with the FM also.

    I did get 6 acupuncture treatments that decreased my pain by 95% back in '97, and it lasted almost 8 years of minimal pain. Then I hurt my lower back, and that started the pain signals dancing, and I have more FM pain now, but not that much. My main problems are ME/CFIDS and Myasthenia Gravis.

    I was a support group leader for two years. I found it was important to have an agenda, and stick to it; either a speaker (chiro, naturopathic, physical therapist, etc., or a topic like 'Pain Management' ( a Pain Mgment dr. would be a good speaker!). All you have to do is find one in the phone book affiliated with a good, reputable clinic, and they'll usually have one that will come talk to you; or, if you are near a major teaching hospital, they may have someone who will come.

    Another most important thing, when it is a 'free floating' meeting, is to have a timer and a stuffed critter on hand. Everyone gets 5 min. of their own time to say whatever they want, and there is no 'cross talk' during the person's time speaking. That's the first hour, then a break, and the second hour is people who want to address another person's problem...with diet, pain, sleep, etc...there is no rush for anyone to talk, and the 'leader' guides firmly if things get too busy, lots of cross talk...have people take turns giving their input.

    If there are attendees who have serious issues about their life, and/or cannot let others have their fair share of time, bring up the topic of when professional help may be needed. If anyone continually monopolizes all the time, confront them gently after the meeting, and tell them you sympathize with them, but they are not listening well enough, as there is great wisdom among the members, and they can learn a lot if they would give it a chance.

    We found that FM people are really 'up from 6-9, and CFIDS people from 2-4 was best, as they ran out of energy by later in the day. So I wouldn't really mix the two if I had to do it all again.

    inviting medical students to your meetings is very good as it trains the next generation of caregivers.

    Good luck to you...it is very time consuming, but if you announce on ' Meetups' (online), you should get a good core group to start. Get everyone's phone number and email, so you can stay in touch...it's a great way to make good friends.

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    yaki, these are good for pain, and pau d' argo, also pinapple

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