Dr. Cheney's protocol-- Anyone tried it??

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  1. I would like to know how many here have tried Dr. Cheney's protocol and what results they got from it.

    A couple years ago, when I finally got a correct diagnosis of ME/CFS, I started researching the disease online and found some info that a patient of his had shared about his protocol. I printed it off and tried to implement the parts of the protocol that I could do on my own and that I could afford at the time (though I couldn't afford the "bounce-back chair" and didn't have access to the B-12 injections).

    I just recently came across this protocol again in my stash of ME/CFS info I've accumulated since then, and was wondering if the bouncing chair would be worth purchasing to improve my autonomic nervous system. So I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who tried Dr. Cheney's protocol and let me know how you made out on it.

    I even looked into becoming a patient of his, but it was way too expensive and not within our reach financially. And now that I look at the protocol again, I realize that I wasn't following it as strictly as I should have (dietary wise) and didn't have access to some of the drugs he says help so much (though drugs and the potential side effects make me leary since I'm chemically sensitive).

    So please let me know if you've tried Dr. Cheney's protocol and how much it helped. Thanks so much!

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    There are some things you can do which Dr. Cheney recommends. The Immun-Plex whey sold here is one of them. He recommends it. The bouncing motion can be done on one of those large balls they sell for working out. Just don't inflate it until it's hard or you can easily fall off of it. Check out RichVanK's methylation protocol. It uses methylcobalamin vitamin B12, along with other supps. None of these supps is cheap but they are usually doable and a lot cheaper than the thousands required to see a reknowned expert such as Dr. Cheney.

    Cheney also recommends Klonopin in order to sleep and calm down our aggitated nervous systems. It has been a God send to me. It does make one physically dependent on it so if one ever wants to discontinue its use, one has to wean off VERY slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

    My peptide injections will total $3,600, less than it costs to see Dr. Cheney. I think this is a better use of money. Also, it is spent $300 a month, not all at once. I know this is expensive but I was lucky enough to find the money to do it.

    I've always admired Dr. Cheney and think he has good recommendations. I also think the methylation protocol is a good treatment. As you know, my recent fall has eclipsed my progress on the peptide injections but I do think they will be the answer for me. I do not consider them a cure but I'm hoping my symptoms will be gone.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. That is some great info... thanks so much for sharing this with me! I will def look into all this as soon as my daughter's visit is over.... she just got here last night.

    Just wish I could find a doc like yours, Mikie. Unfortunately my peptide injections haven't been on regular intervals, so I know the effectiveness is compromised. Sure would help if I had a doc in my town who knows about ME/CFS who could take charge of my treatment. Hopefully sooner than later I'll find a good doc in my town who can help.

    But thanks again for YOUR help, Mikie! And I sure hope the peptide injections give you the relief you're hoping for... even in spite of your recent fall. Keep us posted on how your symptoms are going and what improvements you are feeling, Mikie!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
    Shel :)

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  4. Mikie

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    The biggest obstacle right now is that my old Whatever Herpes Virus chronic infection decided to take advantage of my injury to try to reactivate. I am still battling it. Don't know whether it will affect this next injection or not. I'm taking transfer factors but have stopped until the next injection is over. Still having swollen lymph nodes. This has been a long and winding road (Ooh, ooh, what a great title for a song :)

    Take care and let us know if any of these things help you.

    Love, Mikie

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