Dr. Daniel Peterson?!

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    Has anyone been to this doctor in Lake Tahoe, Nevada? was interviewed on the I REMEMBER ME video...of course, it was the first reported cluster of CFS in the U.S.A. and he was the other doc besides Dr. Cheney...If you have seen him, I wondered if anyone has improved from his treatment?

  2. Plantscaper

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    for any possible patients of Dr. Peterson, Lake Tahoe, Nevada?
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    He has been in the vanguard of research into HHV-6 and it's prevalence in CFIDS. I don't know; is he still seeing patients?

    Love, Mikie
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    I have not been to Dr. Peterson although it was my understanding that he no longer practiced in Lake Tahoe. It's possible that it's only Dr. Cheney that moved but it was my impression that both doctors left the Tahoe area because they were shunned by the local community for dealing with this bogus disease and perpetuating the idea that this yuppie flu was a real illness. It's so unfortunate because I would love to have someone close by that was this close to the illness and had such strong beliefs about it's existence. May want to try a google website search on his name.

    good luck,
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    They interviewed him from Lake Tahoe, I believe...but I will look into it further from both of your suggestions..

    Thanks for the help...
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    According to the website, here, immunesupport, he is located at Sierra Internal Medicine in Incline Village, Nevada...and still sees patients..

    Has anyone seen him on this message board? and has improved a good deal?

    Thanks for any help..
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    Dr.Peterson has been my primary doctor for many years. He does practice in Incline Village, Nevada which is a small community on Lake Tahoe. He is a master diagnostician and is up-to-date on all the latest research being done around the world. The quality of my life is directly related to the quality of care I receive . He is the type of human being who could not ignore the many people who became ill in that area in the 1980's.
    Internal medicine is his first choice of medicine to practice but because he could not fail to treat all his patients he has become a leader in OUR field. I would prefer not to describe all he has done for me regarding specific treatment as we are all different. One thing I can tell you if he is revered by all those I know who see him. I first found out about him when I read OSLER'S WEB and decided then that he needed to be my doc.
    Best decision I ever made!!! Nancyann
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    I am thinking about moving to Nevada...sometime. I have done a lot of reading on the subject, but not had a CFIDS doc, and have not been tested, recently, but have had positive results for EBV and CMV..Would like to have testing for HHV-6, mycoplasma, etc?

    Have you been able to improve, to the point, that you don't have problems functioning,both mentally and physically? Is there a really active support group, there, too? I was, also, wondering, in what range are his fees?

    He sounded like the physician of the CFIDS's patient's dreams...

    Thanks for any help...
  9. nancyann14

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    My health goes up and down especially when the NK cells aren't working well. Dr. Peterson always takes care of the problem. I am considerably better on a day to day basis than I would be without him. My out-of-state insurance (an HMO) does not pay him so it has been a conscious decision in my marriage that we spend our savings on my health. Others are more fortunate with their insurance companies. I don't know if his fees are considered high as I have little to compare them to. There are no support groups there but there are active ones in Reno. People come to see him from all over the country as well as all over the world. His office is VERY busy and the staff is quite good. They all understand it is a priviledge to work for him. This may sound a tad dramatic but I do believe he is one of a kind. Good luck to you........Nancyann
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    Ooh, so sorry for the misinformation I gave above!!!! I did a little research myself after posting that note and then, serendipitously, got something in the mail from the CFIDS association that showed that he still works in Incline Village, Nevada. I got on today to tell you about it, but looks like someone else beat me to the punch. By the way, if you ever decide to move, living in Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to be. I did it for several years. The climate (except for a challenging winter) is perfect!

    Anyway, I guess it still goes to show how much we all know about this disease. All the info I got was from other docs who told me he was gone!

    Again, sorry for the incorrect info.
  12. tgharrison

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    one of my best friends who has CFS has seen Dr. Peterson as his primary doctor. Jeff (my friend is one of the lucky ones who had CFS very badly for five years yet beat it. He was placed on VALTREX by Peterson and used Klonipin at night to sleep. He has improved greatly with Peterson as him main doctor. I also take Valtrex due to high HHV6 levels found in my blood. Jeff says he is a very caring and competant doctor with great compassion and skill in the CFS area. Thom
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    Hi tgharrison and Welcome to the board...

    Has the Valtrex been really effective over the long term?
    I have read that some think that the antivirals might work awhile and then seem to stop working..Some say that Famvir is quite effective, initially, but may do that..

    But, I would think that it would really help to have a doc of Dr. Peterson's caliber..Wish I could go now, but really need to know in what ballpark his fees are, or if he has any reduction in fees, with no health insurance, which is where I find myself, now..(individual policy got extremely expensive, could no longer afford)..

    Dr. Cheney charges so much, I think you would have to be rich to afford him...

    Thanks so much for your help...and hope I can return the favor at some point..If you are talking about allergies to the particulate matter in the air, (read your other post), the most effective substance I have found for allergies has been a very low cost solution, Olive Leaf Extract..There is a lot of info on our message board about that, if you are interested..

    Thanks Bacci...
    I found that info about Dr. Peterson, here at this website..
    but, thanks for taking the time to come back, here..Do you know the elevation, there?..I think it would be similar to Colorado, as I live at about 8900 ft. altitude, now...


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  14. Bacci

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    Yep I do! Lake level altitude is 6200 feet and most housing is in the 6200-6800 range. So it's a bit lower than where you are right now. Since you are in CO, I imagine the winters will not be a huge shocker to you! It is really nice to have such beautiful summers, crisp falls, and occasionally sunny springs. The best part, probably like CO is the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Lots of nice walking trails along the Truckee River too.

    Incline is on the Nevada side of the lake where the houses are usually more expensive but there is no income tax so that helps. Incline is really nice but I tend to favor the California side. You would be wise to vacation out here and check it out some time.

    Good luck to you and would always be happy to answer any questions.