Dr. Dantini in FL with Antiviral Drugs

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    Has anyone used Dr. Dantini via phone consults for CFS or FMS using his anti-viral drugs and Sage Test for food allergies? Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this and had any success. Those that can't get their home doctor to prescribe anti-viral meds could use this doctor. I called them today, but after talking for about 10 minutes was told (susan) would call me back. I called back myself in 1/2 hour but since florida is 1 hour ahead of me and it was 4:00 PM my time - they were closed. I'm going to call again Monday and find out about costs, ect. He will work with your own doctor for normal testing; however his Sage test for allergies caused by leaky gut allowing food particals to pass into blood thereby causing an immune response with antibodies can only be done at his office. Cost is $1,800 but is covered by insurance - even Medicare. Many insurance plans only cover 1/2 of the drug cost. That's how mine is. YIKES.

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    Do a subject search on Dantini. There are a lot of threads on him. Looking back at them, it looks like I posted the first one back in October of 2003! I never tried his protocol, though I did try Valtrex for a while.

    I think Dantini was even doing a study for a while on his anti-viral protocol. I'm not sure what the overall results were.

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  3. Spinworks

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    Thanks, and yes I did a search. Just wanted anyone who was helped by the whole program- anti-virals and food allergies to let us know.


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