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    The only 'good doctor' for the UK on the good doctor list is Dr David Smith, Essex.
    I've heard that these days his views may be not so different from those of the group of doctors in England who hold that ME/CFIDS is 'all in the mind'.
    Thus it worries me a bit that he is the only doctor someone in the UK would find listed when they search for a good doctor for ME/CFIDS/FMS.
    I believe it would be good if there was at least one other good doctor listed (someone who very definitely doesn't believe it's 'all in the head'), to give people a chance to compare before they make appointments.
    In any case it may be that David Smith is by now up to date with current research and my worry is quite unsustained, so if someone could confirm that he is, this would be great news and I would be very relieved.
    (I also note that the last revision to the UK good doctor list was made in October 1998.)
    Many thanks.
    I understand that patients recommend the doctors on the list, and as a patient has recommended him, of course I do not suggest that he should be removed from the list or anything of that kind.

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    Hi Susanne.

    Try UK based web sites or local ME/CFS groups. The organisations themselves seem less enthusiastic about making lists of recommended doctors available, they probably have to be very careful about this. However, the same does not apply to non affliated patient groups.


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    For anyone who is near the northeast of england, a good doctor i see is named

    Doctor Spurr he lives in northumberland, sadly you have to see him privately as the nhs will not fund him for his wonderful knowledge of this DD and his partner who taught him all he knows sadly passed onto the higher side of life last year at age 83 i think, up till his passing still seeing us all, he has left a great void.

    If any one wants his phone number address etc just leave a message for me and ill give you it.

    He cant promise to cure you, he would love so to do. but he has a funding going called the north trust something , heheh cant remember it lol.for research, but he is very knowledgeable in cfs and can diagnose etc

    xxxxxxx sam
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    If we all pass on names we might find enough doctors for everyone.

    I know Dr David Dowson in London is good. George Lewith in Southampton is too. Pinkquartz goes to another doctor in Southampton. Unfortunately they are all private but Pinkquartz got NHS funding.

    Dr Julian Kenyon at the Dove Clinic has treated ME/CFS patients for years. I only saw him a few times and his treatments were either too strong or did not work at all. However, I do know of other patients who did well.

    In the UK we need more NHS specialists in each funding district. More specialists are proposed but it will take time. We also need to be aware that many doctors still believe CBT and graded activity programmes with anti depressants are the answer. So whilst facilities will be set up in the future they may not be what we want.


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  5. sb439

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    and suggestions of doctors.

    My worry is a bit like this: the immunesupport board has a direct link to the good doctor list, but on that list, for the UK, we find only a doctor who seems (although I'm still waiting to be proved wrong on this) in his views to go against the views supported by immune support, and of course by us CFIDSers.

    People who come to this boad looking for help may however not be aware of this.

    So I guess we'd want some doctors on the UK list who do not think that it's all in our head (i.e. a psychological problem), but knows what tests to perform to get to the physiological causes. I've tried to add my UK doctor to the list, but nothing has happened yet, and Nell-UK has tried this, and it didn't work either, for some reason.

    Perhaps you could try to add the doctors you would recommend to the list.

    Many thanks,
  6. pinkquartz

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    i don't feel i can really contibute to this at the moment.

    i see Dr. Clark at Southampton Complentary Centre, i went to see him because i wanted to have Armour Thyroid.

    He has been helpful and he certainly seems to have a wholistic outlook on ME.

    However i couldn't say more just yet. Maybe in a few months time.

    Most of what has helped me has come about thru either my own research or the help of the nutritionist i see now.

    Over the years i have wasted a lot of money....and i have a high level of distrust for doctors in UK, so i don't feel i can add to the good doc guide.....maybe later when i have seen more of Dr. Clark, then i can say if he is worth the money...... i can see him on the NHS for a short period of time
    .i do know of a private female doctor i am hearing good reports from for the hypothyroid issues, but it would be hearsay, not my own experience.
  7. loopyloo

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    I see DR Paton at the Milton Keynes General Hospital he is very good and he is a National Health doctor for ME/CFS i think you have to be referred by your GP i was the hospital is in Eaglestone ,Buckinghamshire.
  8. tansy

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    A doctor people in your area can see on the NHS, hooray.

    Hope the list starts getting longer.


  9. tansy

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    Hi Barb

    I think all consultants who regognise ME/CFS for what it really is should be included. I know out of area referrals are usually turned down, unless the local funding authority has a contract with them, but it's always worth a try.

    Even if such referrals are turned down we can complain to the department of health. If enough complaints are made, with the support of our MPs, then they'll be pressured into doing something about it.

    I know my GP will try anything she feels is safe and within her jurasdiction and to be honest I feel safer with her than any consultant I've seen on the NHS. Mind you none of them accepted ME/CFS.


  10. sb439

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    I just got an e-mail saying my suggestion of Dr Hyams had been received and he would be added over the next couple of days (and that funnily someone else had also just suggested him ;-) ).
    My view is that if you know a doctor who is really good (they don't have to be perfect, CFIDS/FMS are much to comples as that one doctor could get it ALL right), then it would be good to suggest them - for the reasons I gave in my previous posts on this thread.
    love to all,
    PS: Barb, how are you doing in the aftermath of the infusion?
    PPS: I ate a large amount of whipped cream today, with blueberries, now have a bad headache, but I'm not allergic to milk, anyone else react like that to cream??? just curious. It WAS yummy, though ...
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    Hi loopyloo my name is al and my local hospital is the MK one ,i suffer with FM and am waiting to get to the pain clinic[1 years wait!!!] my own doc doesn't seem interested, does doc paton deal with FM too?

  12. loopyloo

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    I cant believe there is some one else from Milton Keynes on this board what part do you live in i'm not sure if DR Paton is for FM i not he deals with people with ME and MS and Diabetes i was seeing him now i'm waiting to see another doctor for cognetive therapy but i have to wait till september for the appointment and he is a phyciatrist sorry about the spelling i also think i have FM but have not been diagosed with it yet i will ask the other doctor about this cant think of hi name at the moment
    Loopyloo xx
  13. Zobo

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    Just for anyone that needs a really good ,understanding doctor that goes above and beyond for his patients and does not go for the -it's all in your head - is dr David smith . Don't judge a doctor by one persons opinion he has helped so meany people back to full health .he doesn't pre judge people ,and he helps the whole person .which with any long term health condition includes mind as well as body. I know because his helped me .:)