dr dont like you to talk

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    why is it, whenever i go to the dr.s' office, and i begin with why im there, they want to take over, they never let you finish your though, or your sentence, and want to tell you what is best for you, im so sick of it, isnt it me who came with the problem. they do this to me all the time, i dont get it.
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    I agree with you. Some doctors are the same. I was hospitalized last month. My rhumy changed my meds and I had what I think and my neuro doc thinks was a panic attack. but in the hospital the neuro there said I had a seizure and would not let me explain how I got to that point. he just read my symptoms and did some testing and said I had an epileptic seizure. I tried to tell him my symptoms that lead to being in the hospital. When i tried to tell him about the medicine switch and that the pharmacy gave me the wrong dose the doc just said "I don't want you to diagnose yourself, I will do that just answer my questions". I was so upset and frustrated. Then when my neuro and my rhumy spoke to each other and got all the results of my lab work in they both agreed it was not a seizure just a reaction to the meds. So now my neuro doc is trying to clean up my medical records to show it was not a seizure and took me off the seizure meds.. So I know what you mean.