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    Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that I saw the Doc yesterday and he Discharged me after making me take all the tests. He said I was a combative patient. I never gave him a hard time about taking the tests, but I still have a problem that his nurse called me a LIAR to my face and would not let me explain about a script that was not even a narcotic to begin with. He came in the room AGAIN (second visit he has done this) did not ask how I was doing but blamed me for his nurse leaving. My husband was with my this time around and he even told the doc that he didn't think that she would leave on account of me and one incident that had to do with a prescription that HIS OFFICE had given me 2 of in a row for the same thing. The first one was for 5 refills and the second was 6 refills. I just held the second one as they had it on file and that way when the other ran out I would fill the second one. Well the nurse was to lazy to look into it at there office and decided to tell me that I was a liar and I was not taking my medication. This was at my June Appt. This was the same nurse that told me to call my insurance to find out where to go for the urine test the first time around. She is the one who could have avoided all of this. But I am the one paying for it. The doc did not want me as a patient because I do not have an HMO any longer and he can't just do anything he wants. He is a doc that likes to do injections for NO REASON at all. I need some advice here. I need to know can I get him for Patient Abandoment? He did give me a months precription, but there are no other pain docs around me and he did not tell me how to ween myself off of the narcotics or the neurontin either.
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    What a drag :-(
    I don't no what to say. Sure hope someone has some good ideas for you. You need another doctor and with none close to you well thats not a good deal for you.

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  3. jaltair

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    The following may help you understand Illinois law about your specific concerns. This law firm (Quinn, Johnston, Henderson and Pretorius) represents doctors, so this is what doctors are told:

    "Illinois courts recognize a claim for abandonment where injury results from a physician's refusal to treat a patient needing further care without giving the patient reasonable time to find substitute care. Patient abandonment can also be alleged as a breach of the duty of care in a medical malpractice case. Most of the reported abandonment cases have concerned postoperative complications and the surgeon who refused to treat those complications. The courts have ruled that a surgeon's duty to continue treating a patient is not established at the discretion of the surgeon himself, but subject to the standards of the profession. Accordingly, you cannot discharge a patient when he or she is in need of treatment for well-being; you must first stabilize that patient's condition before terminating the relationship. Once the patient is in a stable condition, you must provide a reasonable amount of time for that patient to find a new physician. You should advise the patient in writing that you are discharging him or her as a patient, the basis for discharging him or her, and that you will continue to treat that patient for 30 days so he or she can locate a new physician."

    Hope that this helps.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    I wouldnt want a doctor like that anyways. He did you a favour. Id find a new doctor and not bother with him anymore. Thats terrible.
    hugs, poodlemum
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    im sorry im confused, you said the nurse said you werent taken the meds but the doc "dismissed" you because you took too many? not really sure i understand. i am sorry its the end of the nite and unfortunetly it doesnt take much. maybe after you explain it i can try to help you. but either way, he has the nerve to give you a drug test? hello! he's the one giving you the drugs! duh. there has got to be another doc near you somewhere. good luck and i will talk w/ you later.
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    I was saddened to read about your plight. What an awful situation!

    I don't understand your medical system so I can't offer any practical advice but no human being should be treated that way. What ever happened to common decency and respect?

    It sounds like the nurse and Dr have come to some conclusions about you and your treatment (or lack of it) and are not prepared to reconsider their opinions.

    Such power they weild! especially th nurse. Some people seem to derive alot of power from lording it over the sick, weak, old and frail (oh and you can probably put young helpless children into that categry as well).

    Even if you were MISUSING your medication, they still have a duty of care and responsibility to assist you and not condemn or punish you.

    I am glad your husband was with you and I hope you have some avenues for redressing this awful situation. With the help of your husband, I suggest you contact your local officals to see what you can do. Remember, if they can treat you with such contempt, imagine what they might be doing to other patients, the one's even more vulnerable than you!

    They need to be reported.

    Good luck

    Cheers Jana

  7. PVLady

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    It sounds like you are better off without this doctor, even though it may be hard to start over with another one.

    I would call the closest hospital affiliated with a university - a teaching hospital, and ask for a referral to their pain management department.

    Your current doctor must have been "burned" by another patient who perhaps did not take their meds, instead "sold them", so he seems very paranoid to jump to the conclusion you were doing that.

    There is a famous case of a doctor who is now in jail because his patients (he was unaware) were selling the meds he prescribed. Many doctors are so afraid these days.

    Even though you are very angry, save your energy to get through this change - even if you do complain about him, he will just continue to make accusations against you in return.

    The problem is you will need to transfer your records and if he has written all sorts of negative things about you, you may have a hard time with your new doctors.

    Maybe you could start fresh with another doctor without having to send any records from this doctor. I also would not even tell them the story of what happened. They will most likely "side" with your current doctor, just because.

    I know it is not fair but there is little you can do at this point except go on. I sincerely hope you find a good doctor.

    I suggest going to a teaching hospital because my own GP told me it is much easier for them to prescribe opiates without as much scrutiny.

    Good luck...
  8. hagardreams

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    I have had more problems with nurses and there GODLY attitudes. I would like to see all nurses and doctors get what is coming to them. I believe in an eye for an eye, and someday those involved will have something like this happen to them.
    Don't give up on finding another doctor. I almost did, and I did research on the internet and found a doctor here in my own state that has really helped me a lot. It's about an hour drive, but she doesnt give me any problems. Good luck, and God bless, Julie
  9. ilovecats94

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    You said you don't have an HMO any longer. What do you have? Do you all still have insurance?

    My family doc dropped taking our PPO insurance in July and never let us know and we can't get a different insurance until the first of the year. We'll find out what is available at my husband's work in November. We have about 2 weeks to decide what to do.

    Oh they will still treat me, it's just I have to pay out of pocket. But we are going to submit the claim forms to our PPO and hope they will reimburse us. I have a recheck appointment on 9/30. I saw them on 9/17, for a bladder infection as they take urgent medical problems on Sat. from 9 to 12.

    I think I'd find another doc, if I was you. Anyone would be better than this guy. I know how you feel, hon. Sorry you are going through this.

  10. Jgavi

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    If your in Chicago you can look up your medical rights at
    www.idfpr.com and file a complaint.

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