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    i used to go to cvs for all percriptions but since walgreens just opend up very close to me.so i started using them.i take oxycontin and oxy codien for break thru pain.last month i went to get them field at walgreens only they were out of oxycontin so i got the oxycodone short acting for breakthru pain at walgreens and went to cvs for the oxycontin.this month I went to get short acting medicine at walgreens a week ago,no problem but a week later when i tried to get the oxycontin filled at walgreens once again.the pharmsist at walgreens would not give me my oxycontin because they say they must taLK TO THE DR first because meds or a codien med.They also questioned the fact that I waited 2 weeks past when the percription was written .It was for 3-2009 and it wasent untill the 17th went i finally got it filled.My husband had just lost his job and insurance all of the sudden and i was trying to get medicare part d so i had to wait for that to come tru so i could afford the high cost of the oxycontin.My dr is upset because she thinks if i can wait that long then I dont need the percription .i was just trying to in the mean time while i waited for part d try to take i less oxycontin a day and tried to rely on that and filling in with the short acting ones since i wasnt sure how long this prosest could take.it makes no since since i could see if i took more than what was percribed but not this.any with this typ of problem .Now Im scared ill be left with no dr let alone no pain controll.I know this is long but i need any response or want to know if anyone has ran into anything like this .Its bad to think i can be left out in the cold not by taking more meds but by less
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    Did you explain to the doctor that you are poor and cannot afford the medication? These doctors make alot of money and you need to tell them that you absolutely cannot afford the prescripts and that's why you had to wait. You have to just stress that you have no money. They make so much money and they never give a thought to how we're supposed to afford pills. I just had a doc prescribe me a bottle of pills that cost seventy bucks a bottle and was not covered by my insurance. And I told the pharmacy to give me the generic cause there was no way I could pay seventy dollars. The generic plus a pscard discount, it only cost nine dollars. Huge difference.

    I'm going through a similar thing where they don't understand why I waited three months to seek treatment for my thyroid problem. And I keep telling them that first I had to wait a month to even get my new insurance. Then I had to find a doctor who would take the new insurance. And then when I did, they wouldn't let me make an appointment until the old doc transferred records and that took weeks.

    These docs never give a thought to that we are poor because we can't work from being sick. They always act like we can afford everything.
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    Did you explain what happened? My doctor had me signed a contract regarding my meds. In the contract it said I would only get my meds filled at the one pharmacy I named. Did you have to do anything like that?

    I'd try to explain again...maybe she will be more understanding.

    Good Luck,
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    Dr's are weird about meds like that. You'd think they'd be happy that you weren't needing them that often.
    Just have an honest conversation. The truth is always best. Tell her exactly what is going on,

    I always get my meds at one pharmacy - but with the oxycondone shortage have had to have that filled elsewhere. I let my doctor know that I've had to call around to find it. She even went on vacation one week and I asked for my script early, cause I wanted her available if I could NOT find it and needed something else. She agreed.

    Be open, be honest. You didn't do anything wrong- you just need to communicate with her. Sometimes it's a lack of understanding of what's going on.
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    You might consider writing her a letter with some of this info. Maybe she would reconsider.
    Ask her to do that.

  6. I didn't have this problem with the doctor but Since I had no insurance and never know when I might lose mine I opted for cheap medications all around. I take Methadone for pain.This medication is about 25 dollars a month. I have been doing this for 10 years with different meds because My hubby got sick and we loss health insurance about 10 years ago.

    My depression medication is generic zoloft.
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    Personally I dislike Walgreens(my sis works there). I too have had problems with their pharmacy and have talked to others that also have.

    It is none of thier business about your scrip being 2 wks old. They are good for 30 days or longer. I have filled scrips after time doc wrote them. Sounds like they think you stole it because why would they have to call doc. you had a legit writtten scrip. Plus it was thier fault for being out.

    just tell your doc what you told us. I have had to tell doc I was too sick to get in for refills and suffered til I did or like you took less.

    If possible dump Walgreens
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    I totally agree with 3gs! I used Walgreens for years (had all my scripts filled there). They started treating me like I was some sort of drug addict. I couldn't figure out why I was running out of my medicine earlier than I should, until I counted the last time I got a refill and they had shorted me!! They also told me my insurance wouldn't pay for one of my refills 2 days before it was due! I called my ins. co and they said they had never told them that!(I know...lesson learned...always count your meds!!). I called the pharmacist and told them how their people were treating me and that I was transferring all my meds to CVS (about $400 a month in copays!). He begged me to stay with them and give them another chance and that my medicine was behind the counter waiting for me. I told him "no way", I'm ill, I'm the customer and I REFUSE to be treated this way. I even got a letter from their home office with a coupon begging me to come back. They stink!! We all have enough to deal with and then to have rude pharm techs talk to you like that and withhold medicine frm you is an outrage!! If my dr.'s nurses ever give me a hard time about my meds, I tell them, ok, I'm calling my ins. co right now to let them know that I will be checking into the hospital because my dr. is refusing to refill meds that they hve had me on for years and I will need to be hospitalized for withdrawal..it has always changed their attitudes really quick!!
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    with your doctor that prescribed the meds.

    It may be a misunderstanding with your doc or with the pharmacy but i would definately get it cleared up.

    Wish you well