Dr. Enlander testing Kutapressin replacement!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dove1, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. dove1

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    For all you kutapressin users out there there may be good news. Dr. Enlander is testing a potential replacement for kutapressin that is "showing promise!" I am writing to him and will let you know more when I learn more.
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    for your post about this. Beckster
  3. skychomper

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    that is great news that you are doing stuff you were never able to do on the transfer factor.

    i think I should look into this more. I've had EBV and reactivated HHV6 and low natural killer cells...

    that is great news.
  4. cma331

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    I anxiously await your reply. Can you post the info on how to write to him? I would love to do the same.
    Has anybody been as SICK as I , since Kut. has been off the market??? Would love to hear from some of you re this.....
  5. dove1

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    Hi Carole and thanks for writing Schwarz Pharma and I hope that Dr Lapp's news brings you hope.

    I have completely gone downhill without kutapressin, even while taking transfer factor.

    Hopefully we will get it back in a month or so.

    If you want to write me separately you can. I have info about Dr Enlander.

  6. annepat

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    Dr. englander is testing Hepatopressin. It is indicated in the treatment of MS. It is a beef liver extract.

    Please note that mad cow disease was recently reported in canada, and the canadiens claim thta the cow came for the US. Discuss it with your physician.

    Hepatopressin is available at compounding pharmacies, and it's pretty cheap-a lot less $$ than kutapressin.

    Goodthing: Apothocure will forward Hepatopressin info to you and to your docs.
  7. annepat

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    I'm still uncovering dirt on Kuta. I wanted to ask you if you knew what your batch lot expiration dates were, and I wanted to ask if kuta seemed less efvfective in the last year. Please let me know. it's important.
  8. cma331

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    Can you be more specific about the site apothocure.......Would like to get the info they have....but cannot bring up that site......