Dr Enlander, treatment costs?? + Scandinavian patients?

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    I'm new to this board but have had cfs for 5 years, or I've been sick for longer than that, but I've had the diagnose for around 5 years. I'm 28 and live in Sweden. Lately I've been looking at alternatives for treating my cfs outside of Sweden as there is no proper treatment being offered in Sweden at present.

    I found dr Enlander in NY and got a good impression of him and the treatment he offers.. His option seems like one of the most affordable too I think.. I'm not sure if I would be able to travel to the US considering how sick I am. I found out a couple of days ago that he has a consierge practice though which is something I've never heard of before but which apperently means that you could get help from him without having to travel to the US. It seems quite expensive though.. 5000 dollars a year not including medicines.

    On the other hand it seems like if the medicine cost is lower than in a lot of other treatment options.. I havent yet been able to figure out how much treatment would cost approxamitely per month or so though.

    Anyone here who has been seing doctor enlander and that could give me an estimate on how much the "average" patient would spend on medicine/injections/supplements a month? Does the cost go down after a year or so or does it stay on the same level cost-wise for years?

    Also; I'm looking for scandinavian patients who is seeing or has been seeing dr Enlander. Or other patients who lives outside of the US who has been to see him and could share your experience with me on how everything works.. Anyone here?

    I really appreciate any info you could share with me!

    Thank you!

    Edit; Just found out that the consierge treatment costs 5000 dollars the first year, its 3000 dollars/year for year 2 and the subsequent years..Just wanted to add this so I don't post faulty info here..[This Message was Edited on 01/25/2011]
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    Thank u for your reply! I have heard of dr meirleir. A friend of mine, with the same illness, went to see him in Belgium but from what I understood the medication cost was so high that she couldnt continue her treatment. From what I read I think that dr Enlanders treatment option would suit me better - I feel that I want to try the injections he has developed..

    Also I'm not sure if I would be able to travel to belgium either. If I was going to travel NY it might not be more exhausting than belgium as I have friend in NY that I could stay with and that could help me with everything..

    There is also a clinic in Norway, new since a couple of years back, but I'm not sure if they have enough experience in this field yet.. And in dr Enlanders option I could do all the bloodwork and examinations here in Sweden, hopefully my familydoctor would agree to this, which would mean that I could get all of that for free.. I dont think dr Meirler works like that. But I might read up on him a bit more.. I just feel that I need to start something as soon as possible..
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    Thank’s so much! I will take a look at the link and read about the GcMAF when I'm bit less tired.. I've never heard of the Phoenix-forum, so that's really helpful. I might ask the clinic too if it's possible to reach patients via them.. Even though I get a good impression of dr Enlander and his staff I feel that I need to research them a bit more, and get info from different sources, before I really decide on it - even though I need to start something soon.. Would have been so much easier if I would have had just a little bit more energy to do this, I takes such a long time to investigate options at this pace..but I guess that’s the catch 22 of it all:)

    Glad to hear that you've heard good things about dr Enlander. Yes I’ve heard about that too; that he goes back to Ireland to treat patients sometimes..

    Take care!
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    Just found out that the consierge treatment via Enlander costs 5000 dollars the first year, its 3000 dollars/year for year 2 and the subsequent years..Just wanted to add this so I don't post faulty info here..

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    went to see him one week ago,$750 first visit covered by several ins. in u.s. through work up inc. lots of blood for most common virals. full exam (found things I only suspected) exam followed with another m.d. ultrasound of cardio. heart ,abdominal aorta,choritoid arteries,flow to brain and thyroid. at the time was given some feedback----unexplaind mass on thyroid also pancreas looked unusual----radiologist will look. I see the dr. enlander for results on 6/7/11 they want to look at pancreas again, and the thyroid. follow up visit costs i think 175? he does prescribe imune/vitamine injections (at cost ) $13.25 weekly there are other supplements he sugests ,but these are one by one if they help. not high priced. so far i am reserved but impresed, after 17 years. ---------the md@$5000 first visit is the auther of fatigued to fan
    sorry spelling poor,brain in fog
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    Our daughter was severely disabled by xmrv/cfs/me/fibromyalgia/ehlersdanlos.....

    She recently completed an 18 week treatment on gcmaf. We watched a transformation occur both physically and cognitively. She began a second 18 week treatment with the hopes that the body will have time to re-establish its healthy processes and do away completely with any virus that has been active in her body.

    I understand that not all people respond to gcmaf. However, if you are a responder for whatever reason, it is magical to watch. She is now able to walk ten city blocks without a second thought. She has begun picking up a book to read....previously unable to read and remember anything. Her stamina has increased from the negative zone to being able to do more than one activity a day to doing many activities each day. We continue to watch and pray that when she stops her treatments that she will continue on able to face life with a smile and a bounce in her step. Amazing.
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    Hi, all.

    Dr. Enlander has put a couple of interviews with his patients who are on GcMAF treatment on YouTube. Here is the most recent one, from a couple of days ago:


    Best regards,


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