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    Hello everyone,

    I have hesitated to post this for a long time because of the extreme negativity that has overtaken this board. However, because my life is really starting to turn around, I felt it was my duty to report my journey and results in overcoming my health problems.

    I was diagnosed with FM in May of 2009. However, my symptoms much more closely matched those of CFS. PEM, fatigue, sore throats and low grade fevers were always more of a problem than muscle pain--though I did have extreme, deep pain in my legs and especially in my thigh muscles.

    I started on Dr. Farr's program in July of 2009. The saliva tests showed very, very low functioning adrenals. The stool tests showed that my intestines were overrun with several different bacteria and yeasts and that I had a very high anti-gliadin count (celiac?).

    At my initial consultation Dr. Farr said it would probably take one to two years to change everything.

    It has been a little bit of a rocky road but my overall progress is amazing. I am now free of all intestinal invaders, my adrenal counts are slowly rising and my anti-gliadin counts have dropped by half. Most importantly, I am feeling better and better!!

    It has been four months since I had to stay in bed on Saturday with the "FM flu", I am starting to rebuild my social life and working full time is now quite doable. (One year ago I was seriously thinking that I needed to quit my job because I was in bed each night from 7:00 pm until morning and all day on the weekends.)

    One of the most amazing things I learned was that the bacterial load in my intestines was depleting my adrenals creating a viscious circle. Infection or stress anywhere in the body can deplete the adrenals. No adrenal reserve creates unrelenting fatigue, etc. etc.

    Believe me, it hasn't been all roses. It sometimes seems like two steps forward and one back, but just to feel good iis worth it.

    Mariane (Chootik) if you read this, I would still like to contact you. My emails must be going in your spam bucket because you don't seem to be getting them. If you email me, I will answer right away and maybe you can find my email in your spam.

    Best wishes to everyone,

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    I'd love to hear more about your treatments...the steps, supplements and how you could tell it was helping (that's hardest for me)!

    Thanks for your update!

    God Bless,

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    Gee, I don't know where to start to answer your questions, since I have been using his program for 9 months now.

    The first thing I did was take his online survey and a free telephone call from him. I was a little leery, but after talking to him I felt that he really did know what he is doing. I agreed to go ahead and try the program so he ordered a stool test (about $350) to check for leaky gut and bacteria and a saliva test from Diagno-Techs (about $150). I also did a lyme test, which was negative for an active infection.

    The stool test showed the high bacteria count, that I was not digesting fats, that I was very low in hydrochloric acid and pancreatic acid, and other problems with the digestive system. The saliva test showed very very low adrenal hormone and DHEA. It also showed an anti-gliadin count of 56 (normal is less that 15), indicating that my body was in an autoimmune situation against grains and gluten.

    I started taking lots and lots of supplements for the gut and the adrenals. Felt much better by October and retesting showed my anti-gliadin court was down to 26, big improvement in bacteria in my gut and adrenal count a little improved. Sort of went downhill again in December and January. Didn't feel as well and my gliadin count went back up.

    Another saliva test in April showed big improvement in adrenals, though anti-gliadin had once again risen a little. I now need to figure out what I am possibly eating that is causing the anti-gliadin court to go up. I feel that I have been really good with my diet, but some gluten must be getting through. It is hidden in almost everything.

    Other than by the test results, I absolutely know that I am feeling better. The other night I was still up doing things at 9:30 and had to remind myself to go to bed as I usually get up at 5:00 or so. That is quite a difference from going to bed at 7:00 pm and waking up absolutely exhausted.

    I still have some sleep problems, but that too is finally starting to get a little better. Pain is not nearly the problem it was, and I have restarted a light exercise program--ten minutes of Pilates, yoga or Qi-gong in the morning and a ten minute walk with my dog. The exercise still causes a few problems. However, a year ago I would have been in bed for three days with that much exercise.

    I hope this helps. I not sure what you need to know. Let me know specific questions, and I will try to answer them.

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    Dr. Farr is a chiropractor in Florida. He has experienced many of the exhaustion symptoms himself, so has done extensive study. His website is www.becomehealthynow.com. As highly as I recommend him because of how I have began to recover, I will say that you need to be pretty committed and ready to work through problems that will invariably come up (supplements don't agree with you; or the number of supplements that are required). It also becomes quite expensive because the program is not reimbursed by insurance (since he is not an MD). For me it has been worth it.

    You might want to do a search for Dr. Farr. The old posts by Catseye are especially informative. Her posts were what convinced me to give him a try.

    Good luck to everyone. If I can give you any further information, let me know.


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