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  1. yamar

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    I have been seeing several posts on Dr. Farr. Can anybody give me more information....What is his first name? How can he be reached? Is he a medical doctor or an alternative doctor? Is he as good as people on this board claim he is?

  2. astroherb

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    I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Gary Farr (a chiropractor with additional training I believe) so can only give you my impressions so far. I too decided to try him because of the positive feedback on this board. I signed up for the free test and free telephone conversation.

    I liked his knowledge, quiet confidence and attitude so I agreed to pay for the full questionnaire and an hours consultation about the questionnaire results. I can't remember exactly, but I believe the questionnaire and interpretation cost about $60 + $150 +/-. The questionnaire was very, very thorough, took me 3+ nights to fill it all out. That was a little stressful, but at the same time I felt that the more he knew about me and my health history the better the chances were of being helped.

    In my one hour consultation he said that it definitely pointed to adrenal problems, possible liver problems (due to old liver scarring of known cause), lyme because of known tick bite several years ago, and possibly gut bugs or leaky gut. He said he would like to order several tests.

    The tests were (altogether) very expensive, but I agreed to them because I felt like he was on the right track. I also felt like it would be worth it if the cause of this DD could finally be found. Altogether the tests ran $900+. They included the Adrenal Stress Index from Diagnos-Techs, Inc., a lyme test from Central Florida Research, a comprehensive stool analysis from Genova Labs and a Comprehensive detox analysis from Genova. Another one hour consultation with him when the test results come in is, I believe, $150 or $160.

    So, not inexpensive, and most likely nothing will be covered by health insurance or Medicare. Still, at this point, I am quite excited because the adrenal tests showed definite abnormalities and pointed to a gluten intolerance that could be stressing the adrenals. I had lyme bugs in the blood, but the amount was so small that it showed negative. I feel quite certain he will have a good treatment plan using herbs and alternative methods. My other test results have not yet come in. I have a telephone consultation with him on July 8 in which he will outline a treatment plan.

    If you like, I can let you know more at that time. This was quite long, but I know it helps so much when others tell you what to expect. For me it is, so far so good!

    Hope this helps,
  3. sascha

    sascha Member

    if i remember right, the website is Becomehealthynow.com or you can google Dr. Gary Farr

    i started working with him, but had to quit. i was getting reactions to supplements that i didn't have time to deal with because i suddenly had new grandchildren i was helping with. plus the expense was too much for me.

    but good luck with your decision- check on Catseye back posts- she has worked with Farr for quite a time now and has gotten great results. Sascha

    LISALOO New Member

    I quit with him too. He's fine if you have just CFS etc, but he didn't understand how a supplement could bother my Interstitial Cystitis. he treated me like I was clueless even though I had gottten my IC into remission before and was very knowledgeable. He didn't care about my issues with the supplements and my IC. So I was left with over a $1000 of supplements I couldnt' take.

    he made me pay $500 for adrenal and hormonel tests then when I asked what the results meant, he said, it doesn't matter, we're going to work on the gut first then retest as the restults can change. Okay, so I just wasted $500!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback and contact information. keep it coming. this is helpful.

    Lisaloo, your experience seems to be different than the other posts regarding Dr. Farr.
  6. gapsych

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    Are you sure that many people have had a positive experience with Dr. Farr? There have been several posts about the "free consultation" where people felt pressured to spend more money.

    I would not trust a doctor who diagnoses you by a questionnaire and phone consultations and then turns around and sells you supplements without seeing your medical records. I don't know how that can be legal. He is a chiropractor not an MD. Some states such as Kansas no longer let Chiropractors go by the distinction of physician.

    He gives patients tests that are not recognized by the medical community.

    A doctor can pick up a lot by actually seeing a patient, taking blood pressure, temperature, skin tone, etc.

    He is expensive because insurance will not cover him.

    Could that be because they think his treatments are not legitimate?

    He probably believes what he is doing but it is not necessarily based on what we know about the human body.

    He has just enough knowledge about diet which you can get by googling or reading a book on nutrition to make him seem legitimate.

    Something about his site, his treatment approaches, the fact that he sells you supplements like a lot of other sells oriented Internet sites just does not sound right.

    He gives discounts if you refer people to him.

    For the money, I don't think his treatment is worthwhile. He spouts a "cure". That should be a red flag right there.

    My two cents worth.


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