Dr finally ordered something for pain

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    I want to thank those who offered their support. For those who didn't read the other post...I had a back injury from work and wasn't getting any pain relief and pain was actually worsening. I called yesterday afternoon and got no response. I called this morning and got no response. I went up to the office after lunch and he was at another location, the nurse told me she had forwarded the message to him and would be calling me back when she found out something. Well, 3 1/2 hrs later, was still waiting and called again, knowing the pharmacy would be closing in 30 min. She called him on the cell phone(gee..why couldn't she do this earlier) and finally told me she was calling something in to get me through til my epidural tomorrow. I figured great..probably calling in 1 or 2 tablets, but figured at least I could sleep tonight. When I got to the pharmacy I had to suprises..he ordered Lortab 10/650(was expecting the 5mg) and he ordered 30 of them. Persistence really does pay off. I guess now I have the answer of how to get the Dr to pay attention...bug the crap out of him..lol.

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    ~~~Good for you!!!
    I called my DR. today, asked for something stronger and mentioned specifically some Med.s (spoken of here),"that have helped others with FM/CFS"--and he never called back. I called the Pharmacy...nothing. I cried.
    After reading your post now, I will call him again tomorrow. THANKS! I am in constant pain.
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    I'm so glad you have gotten something stronger for your pain!You do have to be persistant thats for sure. I'm still trying to get something stronger than stinkin Darvecet!!They do nothing!!My script says to take one every 4 hrs......I take two and still hurt!(i"ve told my Rhuemy that too).I don't understand at all why drs are so tight on giving out pain meds when you have confimed DX of chronic painful conditions???? Good for you!(can ya mail me one??!) kidding!! lol
    Best regards,
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    Glad to hear you are (hopefully) getting some relief. Good luck with the epidural today.

    Tandy, the problem with getting pain meds from docs is very complex, as far as I can see. We are up against:
    1) The fact that many docs just don't believe that FMS is real or they doubt that we are experiencing the level of pain that we are;
    2) They are leary of prescribing controlled drugs because of their own fears of them;
    3) Some are not as knowledgeable about the difference between addiction and tolerance to meds (or simply don't believe there even IS a difference);
    4) The fact that so many of these drugs ARE abused by people on the street and are acquired illegally, even by keeping several docs and pharmacies going, or using several names to get them;
    5) They are afraid their prescribing habits will be audited or checked out or whatever, and the higher-ups they have to answer to will come down on them

    As for my reason #4 above, my 19 y/o son and I had quite an argument/discussion on this relating to Wynona Ryder recently, when CNN was broadcasting about her trial for shoplifting and there was something about combining charges for illegally obtaining rx pain meds under several different names. My son make the remark "so what? she's not hurting anyone else" And I jumped his case big time, told him she IS hurting someone else, she and those doing that are hurting those of us who truly need these meds for pain control, and that what she was doing was a classic example of drug-seeking. And when docs are giving meds to people who are dishonestly seeking them, they get a bad rap for giving out drugs, so then the ones who do need them have to suffer. I reminded my son of when I had a ruptured disk in 2000 and was waiting for my surgery date, and my neurosurgeon would not give me anything other than ultram for the pain, which BTW, was a 10 all the time then. All I could do was lie on the bed and cry, I was in so much pain, there was nothing I could do. My son, who has always been extremely close to me, was furious and actually told me, he was going to go get me some street drugs to help me. He was serious too, and I absolutely would not let him, because I didn't want him to be a part of something that, in my mind, WAS illegal and he could get in trouble for.

    I guess I've gotten way off topic here (once again!). It took me a while to do it, but I changed docs and now have 2 who take me seriously and prescribe meds to help me. I hope you can find a solution as well, if you can change docs, then by all means, do it.

    {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} to you both.

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    How did it go today??