Dr. found an enlarged lymph node under arm

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    Not sure what to think of this.I went to gyn to talk about my endometriosis coming back.During my exam she found this 1-2 cm lump in my lymph node and she said it was mobile.I hope that is a good thing.I call in the morning to have my first mammogram.I am a bit worried and in denial.Surely I don't have cancer.But what worries me is the fact that most of my fm pain is located on the right side in my ribs under my arm.I still have the other fm symptoms but I just wonder could this pain just be fm or this lump.I call in the morning to set up mammogram appt.

    Has anyone had this happen to them?
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    Just wishing that all will go well for you with your mammogram. Please keep us updated. I'm not familiar with what you're describing here, but hoping all is OK!

    Best wishes,
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    I had the same thing about 2 months ago. Had my first mamogram and an ultrasound of the sore area. The ultrasound was normal (the lump had already gone down in my case) swollen lymph nodes can be extremely painful. I could barely move my arm for days, and forget about wearing a bra or shaving.

    I had one several years ago that was swollen when I had a shoulder injury. My arm was in a sling and my elbow was strapped to my side for 6 weeks, so I had no idea it was there. When physical therapy got to the point where I could get my arm above my head, there was an infection in the lymph node that caused it to swell a little bigger than an egg. ( My mom kept telling me I was going to hatch an alien. Ha Ha Ha very funny, NOT ) Anyway my point is that lymph nodes can get infected by even the smallest break in the skin (such as shaving can cause) My doctor said it was pretty common.

    The mam showed some abnormality in the left side though so I have to go back for another. Dr. said it wasn't anything to be worried about, just being cautious.

    Good luck and I just wanted to add that my mam wasn't nearly as bad is I had heard it was going to be. Not painful at all, except for where the lump was but it didn't hurt any worse during the mam than it usually did.


    Good Luck
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    About 5 yrs ago, I had those lymph glands under my arm and those all around my neck swollen, and they hurt like heck at times. My G.P. said it could be lymphoma, and sent me to ENT Dr. I had to wait 3 weeks with that terrible poss. diagnosis. But, after tests and x-rays, ENT said he couldn't see anything serious, but asked if I had a cat. Turned out I had cat scratch fever from letting my kitty give me kisses! I've had it several times since (it doesn't take a scratch or bit to get it, you can get it from them licking you) and now I don't worry.----Just an idea. I hope yours is as simple as mine. I'll pray for you. - Deby
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    Sorry it took me awhile to get back intouch.I have been so busy,paying for it today but now as bad as I though it would be.

    The swollen lymph node is not exactly under the arm it is in the breast tissue bellow my armpit if that matters at all.

    I am glad to hear that if it is mobile it is probably a cyst.I was hoping to hear that.And the weird thing is I have so much pain in my right ribs especially around 3or 4 th ribs.That pain is constant.

    And crazy me had to look up swollen lymph nodes on the internet.That was a bad idea.I saw breast cancer,Hodgkins Disease....stuff that really scared me especially since I have been feeling so bad.Not that I don't doubt I have FM that I know for sure but with Hodgkins the body aches and flu like feeling is a side effect including weight loss.I am scaring myself so no more google searches for me.

    I go Tues. to have a diagnostic mammogram.Glad to hear it was n't too painful.But an odd thing about this mam. is they ask you not to wear deoderant,stop drinking caffine a few days before and remove all nipple rings(just kidding I am not as brave as Janet Jackson).I wonder what the caffine has to do with the mammogram.I just got to have my 1 cup of coffee in the morning.

    Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for being their for me.
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    but some one here probably knows. They have a test for your breasts that uses technology that looks for heat in the tissue. Tumors etc put off heat. IF they find the heat spots in breast tissue, THEN they go for a mammogram or a sonogram sp?. I am very concerned about the way they squeeze the breast tissue in case there IS a tumor present. I've read it can let the tumor spread easier. That could just be conjecture andnot true at all, but I personallly wil do the mammogram as a last resort. If I can find the test I'm talking about I'll come back and post it if noone else does.

    They also have a place where I live that has a table you lay on face down and your breasts hang in water. They then take a picture that way. Also an open scanner that they do breast scans with. There are SO many ways to have your breasts examined now but they aren't advertised or promoted because some insurance won't pay for.
    I'd sell blood if I had to to get the
    various tests first before the mammogram. But I'm wierd and admit it, so most people just go with the flow. And it's probably ok in the end.

    I hope you do just have cyst and I agree it does sound most likely. Keep the faith and be sure to let us know the results!! Hugs, Bambi
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    checked our phone book and we have a
    lab here that uses it.