Dr.Gabe Mirkin on growth hormones

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    Noticed a number of posts here on growth hormone. This appeared in Mirkin's email newsletter.

    "Entrepreneurs cannot sell you growth hormone because it is
    against the law to sell it without a prescription. They can sell you growth hormone releasers because they are nothing but food (amino acids, the building blocks of protein). Every time you eat anything, your blood levels of growth hormone rise. When you eat protein, blood levels of growth hormone rise even higher. All foods are growth hormone releasers, but growth hormone releaser pills cost much more than regular food and have not been shown to raise blood levels higher than ordinary food. Exercise is also a
    growth hormone releaser because every time you exercise, blood levels of growth hormone rise.

    "It is true that growth hormone levels drop as you age,
    but no one has shown that lack of growth hormone causes aging or that taking growth hormone slows aging. Growth hormone is lowered by having lots of fat stored in your belly, and by having high blood levels of two hormones called insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, Volume 3, Issue 3, 2000). The best way to lower insulin and insulin-like growth factor is to reduce your intake of sugar and flour. If you want
    to gain muscle and lose fat, limit these refined carbohydrates and fatty foods, eat more plants and start a regular, vigorous exercise program."
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    Cause there are not safe ways to deliver the HGH with the injections, which is probably the most effective means of delivery...

    Thanks for the article..Should I know who Gabe Mirkin is?
    I noticed he endorses antibiotics for RA, but what is his background?
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    Dr. Mirkin is a regular here in the DC area. He is a practicing doctor who by the way really doesn't wholeheartedly buy into FM, although he has edged towards it. He broadcasts on the radio and publishes a newsletter, as well as an "e-zine." His schtick is that he reads the medical journals and literature (which most practicing doctors don't have a lot of time to do) and publishes current tidbits like the one above. He is a great believer in diets heavy in whole grains and vegetables. You can find his website by doing a Google search.