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    Because all the doctors, not to mention the thousands of dollars, do not understand CFS, I stopped seeing them and have treated myself. I seem to get better, but like when I went to the dentist last Thursday, by Friday I had crashed again. It is so scary not to have anyone who understands and supports you. I have been working with someone, who is not a doctor but very knowledgeable about the body and how to heal the body, who insists that I am not going to get any better until I do liver flushes to get my liver functioning better. Well, I did one and I crashed big time. I am scared to do another one, hard on my adrenals. Question: if anyone here is seeing Dr. Farr could you share with me how you are doing with treatment. Did you just have CFS or both CFS and fibromyalgia? Thanks
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    I have CFS only and have for about six and a half years. After trying to treat myself for the longest time, I finally came across the site beatcfsandfms.org. They have basic protocols for solving CFS and fibro. So after reading through their site, I came to the conclusion that intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut syndrome) was still a problem. I searched for an online doctor, found Farr's site, and did my quiz to get my free phone consultation. I could tell he knew what to do by talking to him for a few minutes so I got started with him. The first thing he did was order a CDSA. I have more detailed posts on my treatment with him spanning the past year.

    To sum it all up, I had typical CFS problems: hypoglycemia, leaky gut, liver problems, digestion problems, dysbiosis and heavy metal poisoning. The hypoglycemia we cured in less than a month. The dysbiosis took much longer, about a year. Now I have started exercising again and I still have heavy metal issues but have to make sure the kidneys are working better before we tackle it. My energy and cognitive abilities have improved enormously in the past year with the diet and supplements ordered by Farr. I'm still being treated and I have been able to see the improvement on paper over time with the test results, especially the CDSAs.

    Liver flushes are good for people who are almost healthy, not for us. It is an enormous stress on the liver and any stress at all is going to impact the adrenals; that's most likely the main cause of your crashes.

    I also took many adrenal supplements on my own the past couple of years and they really help. I got stupid and cut way down on them and then exercise started getting harder. The adrenals need:

    B vitamins
    Vit C and E
    sea salt

    I made sure I took these early in the morning and around 4 in the afternoon every day. And make sure you have some fat for breakfast in the morning, steak and eggs is the best. The adrenals need cholesterol to make hormones and the cholesterol is made by the liver from fat. When I stopped the above adrenal nutrients, they began to suffer. These are the things they need and if you give them what they need, they won't get stressed as easily.

    I think Dr. Farr is a genius. He looks at what is wrong with your body, not really emphasizing what particular disease you have. CFS is just an all encompassing term for a lot of things wrong, anyway. And regular doctors can't treat it because they only learn about surgery and drugs instead of what we really need: correct diet and supplements. He's pulling me out of this horrible disease and I'm confident (and so is he), that I'll be back to normal eventually and be able to handle strenuous things and do anything I want. But I will make sure I keep my new healthy lifestyle and I'll never go back to eating the crap I ate before. I'm so happy I can exercise now, I'll never give it up. This illness cured me of boredom and my aversion to exercise.

    Dr. Farr doesn't guess, he uses specific test results to see what exact diet I needed and what supplements went with it. We've had to tweak things a bit here and there, but he doesn't give up and neither have I. I'm very happy with my results: I don't crash anymore and I feel great. It's a long fix but it's a solid one with steady, gradual improvement.

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    You mentioned that you suspected you had intestinal hyperpermeability. Did you have any symptoms? I know that because my body crashed in 2007, that all the organs have been affected. It is such a long climb out of this. Thanks for suggesting what adrenal supplements to take. I do take all of these except the tyrosine. Why tyrosine? People take so many things to help the adrenals, are there any others that you found to be useful, like licorice?

    For two years, I tried all kinds of supplements, but I keep referring to my body as a car that is clogged and putting fresh oil in the car is not going to make a difference. I worked with one chiropractor, I have seen MANY doctors, and she also used biotics. At the time, December 2007, the pills just seemed to sit there in my chest. Some were just to big for me to digest. I was taking TMG. I finally decided to stop supplements and go to Dr. Schulze's superfood. I do lots of Dr. Schulze's recommendations, but it is slow and the crashes still come. It is sooooooooo hard doing it on your own, but I do feel it is right for me to still take Dr. Schulze's superfood instead of other supplements. His recommendation for healthy people is 2 tbsp. per day. I take 6 tbsp. for healing. I even make my own now. I guess that is one reason I have not contacted Dr. Farr is because I do not want to take all the different supplements again. I spent thousands of dollars and didn't improve. I am not as far along as you were, healthwise, when you contacted Dr. Farr. Of course, since I spent $30,000 of my own money, even though I had health insurance, in 2007 and 2008, I am still paying that off on my credit cards, so money is a big issue. I think it is for most of us. Dr. Farr's test are expensive and the supplements.

    One reason it is hard for me to heal is STRESS, I have so much in my life. Let's see, someone like me who cannot handle stress because of weak adrenals AND then try to keep it together for your health, is just so hard. Did you have major stress when you were trying to heal? You mentioned you did a liver cleanse when you started. Was that hard on you body?

    It would be nice if we could follow the same treatment and get well!

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