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  1. anna1296

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    I was wondering if anyone knows of a good dr. in Lexington, Ky who deals with chronic fatigue patients? Thanks.
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    Hi Anna - Bumping this back to the front page for you. Hopefully someone will know of one.

    P.S. I see you are new and wanted to welcome you to the boards. You will enjoy it here.

  3. michael1972

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    Hi Anna, I am in Louisville and received the following referal from this board. I have not seen him personally yet (4/24 appointment) so I can not give you my opinion.
    You can can search on "louisville" to find the complete thread. Hope this helps. Michael

    Dr. Donald Wood, M.D., 3606 Klondike Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40218 Telephone: 502-479-8550.

    He is an Endocrinologist. He accepts that CFS is real. In fact, he diagnosed me as having it. He treats me for hypothyroidism and neurally mediated hypotension. He is not a CFS expert. But he is knowledgeable about it. He is very open-minded when I tell him about an herb, etc. that I am trying that is helping me. He is kind and compassionate and very patient. Hope this can help.