Dr in nc who can help me?

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    Hi, so glad I found this board..I was seeing a general dr for 2 years who I loved, she was th only one who listened to me, now she left the state...I'm trying to find. Dr to help me and they all want put me on lyrica and inject me with expensive shots ? I'm really depressed, anxiety is high, pain level is 10, my husband hugged me the other day and it hurt my skin? I've never officially been dx but I know I have it based on my symptoms..I have ibs, cfs, overall body pain especially back of neck and lower back, migraines, dizziness, vision problems, facial pain, numbness ...I just really would like to know of any good drs wake county area ? Thank you!!
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    Welcome. I'm glad you found us, but very sorry to hear of your situation.

    So many of us struggle to find a good doctor. :(

    You may have more luck posting on our CFS forum:


    It is a long list, but worth a peek...our very own good doctor list:

    You may also have good luck using our search function.

    One more place to try is the co-cure good doctor list:
    You can search by state.

    I hope you find someone who will treat you right, and please keep us updated.