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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IndigoSC, Mar 23, 2003.

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    Hello, I'm new to this message board. I tried to read through some posts and saw a couple people asking about a Dr. in South Carolina, but it was several months ago. I've been diagnosed with fibro for about 3 years now, and I cannot find any doctor here that knows anything about Fibro. I'm in Columbia, S.C. I know there aren't any rheumatologists here, but does anyone know of a regular GP or any doctor at all that at least believes fibromyalgia is a real thing?? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!!
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    Indigo i live in south carolina but not in columbia. If charleton or myrtle beach is not too far let me know i will give you the names of 2 that i know!
  3. IndigoSC

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    Hey, Thanks so far for the responses. Yes I have, of course, looked at the co-cure and other lists of "good Fibro doctors" but unfortunately there are none listed anywhere near me, or even within reasonable driving distance. I've also checked with the Arthritis Foundation and other just searching on the Internet, but no luck yet. Again, I'm in Columbia, and even though it's the capital city of SC, it's quite a small and limited city in comparison to other state capitals. I'm looking for any kind of doctor really, as long as they are sympathetic to people with Fibro and won't make me feel like a liar, like my old dr. Alleycat, if you would, I'd like the name of the dr. you know in Charleston maybe to use if I can't find anything closer. Charleston is about 2 1/2 hrs drive, but Myrtle is almost 3 1/2. Thanks for all the help y'all! (yeah, I said Y'ALL) ;)
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    Hello IndigoSC,
    I'm from the upstate of S.C. I have seen rheumatologist in Greenville,Spartanburg,Greenwood and am now presently going to MUSC in Charleston. I'm not sure how good these doctors are in the area of fibromyalgia as I have lupus. I take my daughter to MCG in Augusta Ga. to a ped. rheumatologist. My daughter has fibromyalgia. I know Ga. sounds like it is far away but all of the ones I have mentioned are a nice drive away. I have a drive of approx 3 1/2 hours when I go to Charleston and we drive 2hours to take my daughter to Augusta. So far it is worth the drive. Let me know if you want these doctors names.

    Good Luck
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    Hi Indigo, welcome to the board. I can't help with a doctor, but did want to make you welcome on the board here.

    I sure hope you find a doctor soon, and one that will help you.

    I use mainly supplements, herbs, etc. to help with the Fibro and am doing very well since I came to this board, no doctor involved these days!

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Yes, please do give me the names of those doctor if you don't mind, if you know any are decent for fibro. I don't mind driving a little ways, Augusta actually isn't that that far from me even. Thanks so much.
    My email is indi5479@hotmail.com if you want to email instead of posting. Thanks!!
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    I did some more searching and came across a couple doctors that I'm going to try to call today and find out if they are accepting new patients. I do have a question though... which kind of dr. is usually best for treating fibro? And how can I find out if the Dr. actually believes fibro is real before I get an appointment and pay for the dr. visit? I don't have insurance, so I just have to self-pay and hope the Drs. are accepting new patients....
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    Welcome to the Board!
    We all seem to go to different DR's...some to Rheumy's, some to Naturopaths, some to Pain Specialists...
    I'd suggest you call the DR's and ASK the DR's Nurse, or Assistant, or even get to talk to the DR...and explain honestly you are paying out of your pocket, you don't want to waste time & money, and "Do you Treat FM, and How-What-Where" !!
    Check your E-mail, and Good Luck!
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    Hi Indigo,

    I too live in the Columbia, S.C. area and have RA as well as periodic flares of fibromyalgia. I was a bit confused by your statement that there are no rheumatologists in Columbia. I am currently being treated by one in Columbia (Richland Medical Park). Both he and my primary care physician are familiar with fibro but in my case it is secondary to the RA. I don't remember which physican actually first mentioned fibro to me. Anyway, there is also a fibromyalgia support group in the Lexington area, which meets at one of the churches. You may want to contact them and see if they are aware of any doctors that might be of help. I am hesitant to list phone numbers but believe the contact info has been listed under the health heading in the calendar section of The State. I hope this helps.
  10. IndigoSC

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    Hey, thanks for the info. Sorry I didn't actually mean that there aren't any rheumatologists in Columbia, it's just that I have called all of them (or their offices anyway) and none in Columbia are accepting new patients at this time, which means there's not one that will see me. I'm glad that you were able to get one while they were still accepting patients. I am very interested in contacting the fibro support group in Lexington, though. It was not in today's paper, but maybe it comes on Sundays? Thanks so much.
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    Hey Indigo i got you email addy and will email you the info. tomorrow just got in from daughter softball game. My pain is pretty bad and the fog has over taken my mind at the moment for even handling email. But i promise i will get doctor's name and phone # out to u tomorrow after i get off work. Soft hugs to you and good night!
  12. IndigoSC

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    Just wanted to say thanks to y'all for helping me. I am going to start calling the ones you suggested and finding out. Thanks.