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  1. zookeper

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    Hi All,

    I checked the Dr. referral page and there is not a Dr. Listed that is close to me.
    Am wondering if anyone else on here may be in the Broward county area (ft.lauderdale) that may be able to steer me to a good Dr.?
    I am so over going from one Dr to another only to be getting differant diagnosis's etc.
    Luckily I have good insurance but even still I have to pay the percentage that is not covered and it adds up fast.
  2. atrinigyal29

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    Hi Todd,
    I also live in Ft. Lauderdale and my doctor, Dr. Munoz, a rheumotologist, is very good. His office is located in North Miami, on West Dixie, just north of Ives Dairy Rd. The name of the center is Arthritis and Osteoporosis Treatment and Research Center, Inc. He listens and tries to work out a treatment that is catered to the individual. Hope this helps. Take care.
  3. mlw

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    Hi Todd: I live in South Florida and for over 2 years went from doctor to doctor. Only through a conversation with a co-worker I was referred to an excellent immunologist in Hollywood, Florida. I know it is far, however, he diagnosed me with CFID and HHV6 (herpes virus) and I am in treatment with his clinic. It takes a while to get an appointment, however, once you are in, they run all the tests you could ever imagine because they have private labs on the 2nd floor of their building. IT IS WORTH IT. The clinic is Biodoron 954/981-9400. I have BlueCross BlueShield and was able to obtain a waiver where they will treat this doctor as if he is in-network.

    Good Luck
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    Call FM Network at 1-800-853-2929 for a list of patient recommended FM/CFS docs in your area.
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    Thanks for that number! I'll put it in my addy book. dolsgirl