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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Adl123, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Adl123

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    Does anyone know a Dr. in Sacramento who is a good Integrated Medicine Dr., and would understand supplements and herbs, and who would address my bone marrow infection?

    I can't find amy one in my area. I was told that all alternative doctors were drummed out of my town and the one next to it, four years ago. I'm getting really weak, and am desperate.

    Sacramanto is 2 hours away, but I'm in such a state that I'll take the chance and make the trip. I'll put up with the fibro pain caused by the trip gladly, if I can find a Dr..

  2. Adl123

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    Bumping, in hopes. :)
  3. CAAnnieB

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    I see a Neurologist/ Pain Specialist in Davis, CA. (Near Sacramento) I travel an hour plus to see him because he is worth it! His name is Dr. Eric Hassid.

    He is up on the latest traditional treatments as well as alternative treatments, including supplements & herbs.

    Don't know if he would fit your needs , but I highly recommend him. Besides being knowledgeable, he also has a wonderful bedside manner & spends a decent amount of time with you during visits.

    If you'd like to check him out; I'd be happy to give you his phone# & address.

    I wish you well in finding just the right Dr. There are a few good alternative FM/CFIDS docs in my area (Santa Rosa), but that may be way too far for you to travel?


    Annie B.
  4. Wasabi

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    I'm going to Dr. Powell in Sacramento. He's a FM/CFS specialist and very good. Don't know if that's what you're looking for, but if so, I would recommend him.

    His protocol is a mix of traditional medications and supplements, and he treats underlying infections that might have triggered these illnesses. I'm not sure if a bone marrow infection falls under his area of expertise, but you could call his office and find out.

    Here is his web site with contact info:
  5. Adl123

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I will follow up on all of these leads. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

    Big hugs!
  6. nancyann62

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    Hi Terry,

    Could you tell me about your bone marrow infection?
    I've been in Sacramento for over 35 years and know a lot of docs. Also, if you don't mind telling where you live that may help as well. Hoping I can help you!
  7. Adl123

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    I have four areas of bone marrow infection in my jaws, that are the result of poorly done root canals. (These were confirmed by a nuclear scan followed up by a biopsy, done at Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco). The infection had, by 1998, affected all of my skull, and the bones down to and including my shoulders. I have lots of dense, dead bone.

    This infection has produced an autoimmune disease and triggered a worsening of CFIDS and Fibro.

    Unfortunately, I cannot tke antibiotics, and I cannot have the pockets of infection surgically removed, because I had a heart episode on the table when they were trying to remove the first one and so my Dr. said it would be too dangerous to try to do any mmore surgery, and to try to live with it.

    I live in Paradise, California, which s a town just outside of Chico.

    Thanks for the offer to help. I would love to find a Dr. closer than Sacramento, but so far I haven't. The medical establishment up here is very conservative and very tight.

    Thanks, again,
  8. Adl123

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  9. Rene

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    Hi I don't know these drs but they are on the co cure list which I got from the main page here. One is dr Kwike states that he is an alternative dr 916-489-4400 or the is a Dr Shames in Mill Valley (no number was given). Sorry I don't know any personally.
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  11. nancyann62

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    I know Chico and Paradise very well because my
    handicapped son has lived in both places. How
    fortunate to live in Paradise, a town that truly lives up to its name!

    I will be happy to contact those I know in that area to try and help you with medical care and alternative methods. Hopefully I can help you. You shouldn't have to travel to Sacramento.

    Keep your fingers crossed......................nancyann
  12. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    Sounds like a lucrative, major, MAJOR, super MAJOR lawsuit to me. You could have $$$ to fly to the best Dr.

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