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    can anyone direct me where to go in Texas Or Louisiana for a LLMD?? i am so frustrated, everytime i find what seems like a promising dr or clinic they are half way across the country :( and from what it's looking like, not many take Insurance.
    i live only 80 miles from Houston & still haven't found one LLMD even there. is anybody going anywhere in Tx to be treated??
    thanks for your help
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    Forgive my lyme brain, but have you posted for a LLMD on the Seeking a Doctor board on lymenet.org?

    I think you have, but my memory is not what it used to be.

    Let me know if I can help you further.
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    heck i can't remember if i did or not either :( my brain isn't what it used to be ,And i have been wading thru all this info on Lyme the past few days till im cross eyed!!
    i e-mailed someone from the "turn the corner" website, and she did send me a few Dr.'s in Texas. but warned me Texas is not a Lyme Friendly state.
    the More i learn about Lyme, the more i think i need to see a Dr. that will do the proper testing & get to the bottom of it all, and i don't think my cfs Dr will do what all is necessary to get a yes or no Diagnosis.
    i was shocked at all the symptoms of lyme, and the fact that i have so many of them.
    years ago i was tested but it was the old standard test, that everyone says is no good. All i know is i am getting worse, and before it's too late for me, i need some answers. Even if those answers will be Hard to find.
    thanks Nanie for your interest & help
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    until a couple hours ago, i signed up. Boy thats a tough website to navigate!! it's probably my Brain fog thats getting to me, but it seems to be a lot more complicated than this one is thats for sure.
    i told them a little about my situation, so they would be willing to give me some info on Dr's. ooh and my name on that site is jessie86 so keep in touch when your there.
    and i requested an lyme test kit from igenex today also. trying to get my ducks in a row till i find a doc.
    i will be calling my fibro Dr to see if she will at least help me get the blood drawn & sent to the lab.Don't know what she will think about the Lyme, seems like she gets me in & out of the office so fast when i have an appt, that theres no time to talk about much more than the basics.And its hard for me to concentrate also, as i drive about 70 miles one way to see her.

    i wish i could go to Arizona, i found a website for a clinic there that specializes in Lyme, but at this point all i can afford & Physically do is some one within driving distance from me.

    sorry to go on& on, just wanted to tell you i signed up at lymenet, & to thank you for all your info!
    {{Hugs}} Kat
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    I'm glad you signed up on lymenet.

    I thought I recognized your post there and left you a message asking if I knew you.

    Now I know for sure that it was you.

    If you can, print out Dr B's guidelines.......link.....


    Fill out the symptom checklist on p 9-11 (in pencil, in case you want to erase it later) and take it with you to your fibro Dr so she can see all of your lyme symptoms on paper.

    Remind her that fibro is just a syndrome with "no known cause" and everything has a cause...and you want to find it.

    Tell her that you are paying for the Igenex test and it is your choice to have it done.

    When she says she can order a western blot through some other lab, tell her that Igenex is the best..they are a reference lab specializing in tick-borne illnesses.

    Also tell her that Igenex tests for 14 IgG and 14 IgM bands and the other labs only test for 3 IgG and 10 IgM bands. Igenex also incorporated many species of borrelia bacteria when they developed their testing methods. Other labs only included a few species. There are 100 species in the US alone.

    Write these things down if you have to. It will be important to remember what to say if she tells you that you don't need it.

    Also show her the western blot info on p 7 of Dr B's paper. Show her how Dr B says that you only need to see band 41 and one species specific band.

    Also, my LLMD says that an IND (indeterminate) result on a species specific band should be considered positive...it's like a fingerprint....it is the same fingerprint, it just isn't dark.

    Make sure you get a copy of your results and post them.

    If possible, take a copy of Dr B's paper for the Dr to keep.

    Also, remind her that lyme is a clinical diagnosis, based on a patient's history and symptoms.

    Lyme is NEVER ruled out with just a lab test, yet Dr's do this all the time...leaving patients undiagnosed for years..or forever.

    One step at a time.....good luck and I'll see you on lymenet too.
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    for the Info on Dr. K, i will sure keep him in mind. so far i have info on 2 good DR's one is in Denton, the other is in Louisiana.

    does he have a website? i currently see a DR in Houston for cfs/fibro. the first step for me is to get her to approve a lyme test with Igenex.

    If i turn out to be Positive, then i will have to go with one of the the Lyme Doc's. thats what scares me the most,that they don't take Insurance.things are Tough, but to know there may be hope, is enough to find the $$ somewhere!!

    May i ask what your doing for your Treatment?? being on all the Antibiotics is kinda scary to me also, But i would Probably Bungee off the grand canyon at this Point!!!!

    It's sad to say, but im hoping for a Positive Lyme test :(
    thanks Again,Kat
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    All those Tx people with that in their Blood!!!! and they say Tx isnt really active for Lyme( Bull) to me if you have an abundance of wildlife, that have ticks & diseases. then thats all you need.

    you would think that if they can see it under a microscope then that would be good enough, I don't get the Medical community at all!!Grrr

    it will be interesting to see what my Fibro Doc will say when i throw all this at her, i just hope she is willing to help me & not Poo Poo it all.

    Do you have any good days yet that you can tell from the meds??? im sure that takes a while tho ( feeling a lil better) especially if you have been sick for years :(

    hopefully igenex will get the test kit to me soon & i can get on with this, i have a feeling its gonna be a hard Road, but hey there may be a bungee at the end of it,lol.

    Keep us posted.
    Thanks, Kat
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    I have a bad feeling i will be traveling soon also. i just hope im up to it, but like you i will do just about anything(within reason) to feel better.

    i would also like to find a DR. that treats with more natural things, and thats way hard to find. At least where im at.you would think living close to Houston there would be at least a few LLMD's there.

    it took me years to find a Dr that would treat cfs/fibro & not think it was all in my head, and she is 160 miles round trip from me.
    She is great, but really pushes the Pharmaceuticals, i have tried some with no luck, but theres others like savella, i dont think ill be trying.

    theres not enough data & the side effects are just plain scary.

    do you take Vitamine iv's ?? and if so how have you tolerated them?? I have read a little about the ancestral diet also, and im sure diet plays a small role in how we feel, but geez it's so hard to eat right when you can't get off the couch or out of bed.

    what im hoping for is once i find a good LLMD, they can direct me to other alternative things i can do to help. i have been sick for so long, i just want it to be over like NOW. but i have a feeling the hard part is just beginning, for years i have just wandered from dr to dr and let them tell me what i need & dont need, or that there was nothing wrong.

    guess it's time to just get out there & see what i can do on my own& with the help of these messgage boards. they have been a life saver in so many ways.

    Ok, sorry the post is Rambling & so long. off to buy a bungee,lol.
    thanks again, Kat
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    Hi Kat,

    I'm curious, have you found an LLMD?

    I'm having a difficult time finding someone in the Texas area and I, too, would prefer a doctor that treats this disease with natural methods.

    Best Regards,

  10. kat0465

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    Hi Jaime,
    i did find a DR. i wll be seeing the one in Louisiana, on june 30th, the reason i picked him is because he takes ins, but as of july 1st he will no longer take it. so at least my first initial visit will be paid, but lord knows what im going to do after that.

    The Dr in Denton Tx is also Outstanding from what i have heard. and he is taking patients also. im going to try the abx for as long as i can afford it( which wont be months im afraid) so i will have to go the more natural route im sure.

    i am still waiting on my Igenex test to come back, but even if i have a Negative, im still going to see the Doc in Louisiana.

    I see DR Salvato in Houston for cfs/fibro, and i was really shocked that in the whole of houston with all thier great Dr's and Hospitals there is no LLMD.

    Have you been Diagnosed with cfs or fibro?? or have you had a Positive Lyme?
    Good Luck,

  11. AllWXRider

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    Dr. Kelly Boulden is excellent. She recovered from ME herself.

    You have to file your own insurance and pay up front.
    $100 for the first visit, 500 for the 1 hour followup.
    They give Myer's IV and modified Myers: 40g C, licorice root extract and thymus extract.

    It's expensive and there's no quick fix for Lyme.
  12. cllandry

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    Can you suggest any physicians that are knowlegable about Lymes Treatment - a LLMD Physician in Louisiana - even if they are no longer taking patients. Thanks so much for your help. cllandry