Dr is upsetting but I think I should go back?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wireless, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Wireless

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    When a doctor doesn't understand and says some things, I often can't help starting to tear up or cry. However is it worth going back to see a doctor and looking stupid in front of them, if I think they can help me? I feel stupid if I'm nearly in tears or in tears. There is one doctor I have in mind who seems very smart and knows that fibro is serious and that I have it and/or other problems. This doc is willing to spend time on a patient, so I want to go back, but his manner upsets me. There was one in the past where I stuck it out and the doctor stopped thinking i was just a nutcase. I know I will also have this situation in the future. Is it worth going even though they will ask things and suggest things, and I'll look stupid in front of them?
  2. Tizz

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    ...and deal with doctors who, shall we say, are "challenged" in the personality department!

    It really depends on whether the problem is that he's disrespecting you as a person and/or assuming you're probably mentally ill - a hypochondriac - faking your illness -- or whether he's just being cautious and has a very poor "bedside manner" (prescribing painkillers to patients that don't need them can make a doc end up in jail, or lose his liscence to practice medicine).

    And I can't answer that question. What was your impression?

  3. Tizz

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    Did you decide what you're going to do?

    I hope you didn't mistunderstand my post... I'm wasn't suggesting that you might be a fake or a hypochondriac! Just recognizing the reality that - unfortunately - there are some docs who still have that attitude.

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    I agree with Jamin (Hi there lady). I have cried in many a doctors office and I too have felt embarrassed, crazy, weak,like the ninny I am, etc. I have even had doc change ther approach after I do it, one actually insisting I must have been sexually abused as a child (I swear, it was awful, the jerk!) and I wasn't. Of course I never went back to see him.

    Chronic pain causes me to be emotionally labile at times, and my doc needs to know that, and deal with it. My current doc does. We all need to be treated with respect by our doctors. If that doc meets your criteria for these things-by all means, go back and see him and see how it goes.
  5. Wireless

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    Yeah he has so-so bedside manner, but certain people just scare me or bother me. It makes more sense to go to a smart doc who is willing to help, whose manner I dislike, versus a doctor who is sweet but doesn't know what to do or doesn't have the time. So I want to go back.

    I think if I cry then it makes them less likely to help me however. I already teared up a lot when I saw this doc before. Oh well, they can consider it another symptom :(

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