Dr. Jack Zoldan? Chicago

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    Has anyone seen this doctor or heard anything about him?
    Here's a link to his website:

    Here's his info on Lyme:

    TIA for any help or comments!
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  2. munch1958

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    Bumping for replies. I'm going Wed 3/28/07. I hope it's not going to be a complete waste of time.
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    I am seeking a new doc in the Chicago area.


    Good luck
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    Hi Cindy! I've been seeing Dr. Edelberg from the co-cure good doctor list on this board. So far, all he's done is treat the fibro pain with MAJOR narcotics. He doesn't think Lyme is an issue so it's on to another doctor for another opinion.
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    Where is he located in Chicago?


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    Hi Cherylsue!

    I was hoping you'd see this! Dr. Jack Zoldan is at 5015 Paulina in the Wrigley Field area.

    As you know, Dr. Edelberg is in Lincoln Park area. Dr. E and I had a huge argument about Lyme a few weeks ago. His argument about high antibody titers is that you'll have them to something like chicken pox IF you've had chicken pox. That doesn't mean you have an active ongoing infection that requires treatment. High EBV titers mean nothing to Dr. E either.

    I've spent tons of money based on Dr. E's recommendations. 9 massage therapy sessions at $60 a week. Acupuncture at $75 per week. A theraputic excercise yoga type class (my co-pay is $20) each week with the rest being billed to Aetna. I am not better for my efforts and now have the added problem of trying to get off the Opana ER (2X the strength of Oxycontin) and Oxy-IR he prescribed for fibro pain.

    How are you??????
  7. cherylsue

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    Glad to see your name on the board again. So you think you have Lyme Disease? That's a tough one. I ordered some Cumanda from Nutramedix that's still in the frig. It's supposed to be good for Lyme. However, I don't have Lyme.

    I'm always looking for good docs. My local PCP has been very interested and open minded about CFS. I do the research and she prescribes the meds. She had also talked to Dr. Papernik who I had seen and confirmed my diagnosis of CFS.

    Anyway, I am taking transdermal Nexavir gel. See my thread on it. I'll be returning to work next week parttime. I'm functioning at 50% now.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Hi there:

    I see you are from Northern Illinois. So am I. Whereabouts are you located? And where is your doc located? I'm looking for someone local...

  9. cherylsue

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    I see you are in Chicago. Dr. Morris Papernik is in Chicago at Rush University. I've been to him. He is a member of the CFS Avisory Committee for the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

    He is very familiar with CFS and Fibro. However, he treats with strong prescription medicines. I'm a bit sensitive to them, however. He is not a firm believer of using antivirals. He will try to treat your symptoms such as sleep, fatigue, etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.
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    I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering anyone had any updated experiences with Dr Zoldan?

    I see the Dr Papernik mentioned above has moved on to the New England area.