dr john chia patients?

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    Can anyone explain more about this guy? Patient recoveries, diagnosis, costs, etc?

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    saw this guy at invest in me conference in london he will be on the new conference video which you can buy and so see him talk

    he has done research papers to show 85% of patients with me/cfs with stomach problems have stomach virus's.

    his son had me /cfs and is going on to be a doctor and into research in time

    i would love to go and see him he seemed very genuine as his son has it he really is motivated

    i did have to laugh when he said that on his wedding anniversary he and his wife went ot the lab instead of out to dinner

    you can find more out on invest in me uk website

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    I have heard this as well.

    Even if his theory is correct, there is no drug that actively combats enterovirus at this point. Dr. Chia apparently has funding right now. Hopefully, he can move his research along to the point where a drug company will become interested.
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    time has moved on and dr chia and andrew have a site equlibriant.com

    his son has recovered and ran a half marathon so its clearly works for some

    he also uses other treatments and is dedicated family with his son being ill they had a personnal interest

    anyways check out the site and you can hear his latest research in the invest in me dvd if you catch them know the conference being just over they are doing an early bird cheaper price

    i wish a a patient community we could do something to further this brilliant research with a long history of these virus being a starting point for ME it sure would be interesting and smart to give them more research funding.

    the connection between xmrv is still to be researched one may need the other

    any a dedicated a caring dr commited to research the equlibriant site is interesting reading

    his lecture stated that an increase in symptoms can be found at first but after improvement can be found i forget in what per cent

    but if andrew could run a half marathon after treatment its work at least looking at

    peace love and hope

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    HI, I have been seeing Dr. JOhn Chia and to my surprise I tested positive for CBV 3 and CBV 4 very high positives. I am now taking Equiibrant. I am on a lower dose then what normal CFS's would be on due to the fact that I have brain lesions and my mom has Lupus. He is still very sure that this will help me get much better. I am very confident in this doctor. So far I just feel a little nausea and some fatiuge (nothing really new) Just a little more of it. He found the viruses and more then just these after doing blood and biopsies on my tummy.

    I actually have the same viruses as his son had. I was shocked when he was telling me that they came out positive. So use to hearing nothing is wrong.

    I will keep you all informed as to how things are going. Please feel free to contact me. I go in the chatroom daily.

    As for Costs...my insurance covered everything except the medication which was $45. I thought it was the best $45 i have ever spent! I have been on the meds for 3 days so it's very new to me...soo please know I well continue to keep you all in the looop :)

    Sincerely, Kathleen (katnet)