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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woohooo, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. woohooo

    woohooo New Member

    Hi all!
    I recently began psychotherapy and the therapist suggested I take a look at Dr. John Sarno's books.
    I checked out one of his books, The Divided Mind. I am wondering if anyone has found relief from this crazy fibro pain via his route? He posits that the fibro pain is a result of suppressed emotions, namely rage, and that psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapy works to help bring those suppressed emotions to the fore and releasing them, so that they cease to translate into physcial pain.
    Anyone here heard of his work and care to share your experience?
  2. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    My fiance is desperate to find help for my pain.

    Ive always encouraged him to research FM since I was Dx'd with it in 2001 at the age of 20.

    He recently stumbled upon Dr. John Sarno's theories and TMS. He bought The Mind-Body Prescription book but I havent yet read it. I told him that I would read it with an open mind but there were no promises about how I would feel when I was done with the book.

    I see where he is coming from because he has seen me suffer for so long. Im only 26 years old and Ive been on disability twice now. Im in constant pain, Im bedridden and I take more pills than some 90 year olders do. (As some of us here do)

    Sorry this reply is so long...ill wrap it up. There is someone on this board (dont want to start naming names with the fibro fog and get it wrong) that will hopefully see this thread and reply, that really enjoys his books.

    Good Luck and keep us updated!
  3. openyourmind

    openyourmind New Member

    read the books and think there is something to the mind-body connection--however, I have felt bad since I was a small child, and can name so many people in my extended family with the same problems --who have never heard of fibro--

    I do think we are somehow prone physically, emotionally, bio-chemically?, to being over sensitive to our evironment

    --I live in the area affected by Katrina (have had to deal with lots in the last 18 months--son divorced, husband released from job, recovering from car wreck--

    -I am 65--am in terrible flare right now--and had ER visit for atrial fib--what a rough 18 months--my body has responded in the same way thru various stressful times--just hope I can pull out of this one-

    I seem to have some of everything on the fibro list--MVP, ibs, gerd, costocronditis, TOS, etc, etc--positive thinking has helped me have a life, BUT it has not cured me.

  4. woohooo

    woohooo New Member

    openyourmind, stovetop, and stephiebee,
    thanks for your feedback.
    I'm bumping this thread to see if anyone out there tried following Sarno's advice, and what was your experience? Did it work to alleviate the fibro symptoms?

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