Dr. Katz (in PA) patients...anything you can tell me?

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  1. tracii

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    I've made an appt to see Dr. Katz next week. Can anyone who has seen him tell me how he has helped, if he has helped, etc.

    Any and all info at all would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance! ~Tracii
  2. tracii

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  3. tracii

    tracii New Member

  4. Somewhere

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    near Pittsburgh, Pa. I went to him for severe pain in my hands, wrists and worst of all the joint at the base of my right thumb.

    This was in 2001?? He is maybe 55 to 60 now? Don't remember a whole lot, but he was nice and easy to get along with. He listened to me and explained things as best as could be expected.

    He sent me home with a prescription for some heavy duty narcotic type prescription. I don't remember what it was, but it was a very low strength and as I suspected, I couldn't tolerate it. He also gave me a prescription for a rigid thumb brace. It helped some.

    By the way he had no trouble prescribing a narcotic. I didn't ask for it. I only complained of the unrelenting pain. I also knew I would not be able to tolerate it, but I took it anyway because I was fighting my employer for Workers Compensation, and I felt a script for a narcotic pain reliever couldn't hurt the claim.

    Anyway, I believe he had sympathy for my plight at work. Not sure but I do believe he helped me to get Compensation.

    Don't remember if I ever say him again. But, at any rate, I liked him.

    Hope this helps. Wish I could remember his first name. Maybe Frank?? but I really don't know. I also think he was north of Pittsburgh.

    By the way. I'm what they call a "lurker". Don't join in often anymore.

    Good Luck, Sally
  5. tracii

    tracii New Member

    in Fairless Hills, PA. Pretty sure his first name is Steven.

    I know some ppl on here have been to see him but I haven't heard anything wonderful or horrible. It's a haul for me to go see him also, so....
  6. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    Sorry, but I don't know anything & haven't heard his name ever mentioned by others in the greater Philly area.

    I wish you luck & hope this is a good option for you.
  7. Mar19

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    I've been a patient of Dr Katz for several years now.

    Your first visit he'll be the one that does most of the talking, asks tons of questions. He'll probably order a slew of blood work. I was quite impressed with the first visit and very hopeful.

    The next time I went, he was markedly less vocal ~ I almost wanted to give up on him, but I figured the first visit went so well that I should at least give it one or two more chances.

    I've learned that he's the type of doctor (after the initial getting to know you visit) who waits for you to take the lead. You've got to be the one to approach things, ask questions, etc. I guess he likes pro-active patients.

    I have found him to be very thorough and even more than that, very compassionate. Example? About two years ago I was quite depressed ~ under lots of stress,etc at home ~ he asked me what was wrong, and sat and talked with me, listened, offered suggestions,encouraged me and made me feel that he was really interested and concerned about me. For the next four or five visits after that, he would question me about the matter and ask how everything was going.

    He's pretty good about meds too. He's strict, but he'll give you what you need to be comfortable.

    In all the time I've been going to him, he's been quite prompt with his scheduling. I think I've only had to wait once ~ twice, if you count the time that he took me in the same day I called b/c I was in horrendous pain. The receptionist checked with him and I was told to come right in, I had to wait maybe 15 minutes ~ he squeezed me in between two appointments.

    I know that there have been some posters on this board who haven't liked him as much as I ~ my theory is what I mentioned above: He does wait for you to step up to the plate and tell give him a progress report and state you needs. Once you do that, he'll go above and beyond to help ~ he has done it for me many times.

    DH has accompanied me many times, mostly b/c I'm losing the ability to drive (yeah, right! FM isn't progressive. HA! ~ sorry). Hubby is really impressed with Dr Katz also.

    Let me know what you think of him if you do go, okay? Which office do you live near? The Fairless Hills one or the one out near Plymouth Meeting? (at least I think that's where the second one is) I go to the Fairless Hills office ~ it's very close to Oxford Valley Mall; I live only minutes away from it.

  8. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I noticed through old posts that you saw Dr. Katz. My appointment is @ 1:45 on the 31st at the office by the Oxford Valley Mall.

    I too have trouble driving, add on the anxiety of driving far/unfamiliar places (especially in the winter) ~ it doesn't make for a good mix.

    How have you improved since seeing Dr. Katz? It is a haul for me + a stressful driving situation.

    I guess I just don't want to be disappointed AGAIN, ya know?

    Thanks for the info so far ~ I have no problem telling doctors what is bothering me. It's usually the doctors who only want to deal with the first few things you mention.

    Sorry, having a really bad day.
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  9. Mar19

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    tracii, I'd have to say, yes, he has been a big help to me. He's really great with trigger point injections, btw. I kind of found him by default. My old PCP left private practice several years ago ~ he didn't tell anyone, went into administration. I called to make an appointment and was told he no longer practiced!~!~!~! Ack!

    If he had stayed, I doubt if I would have ever looked elsewhere b/c he was very well informed on FM, etc and wasn't afraid to Rx strong painkillers. Another thing is that I had been going to him for 20+ yrs and he knew me. Then all of a sudden he was gone? What's with that?

    Anyhoooooo... If I can't have my old doc back, I'll stay with Dr Katz. This whole past year I was w/o a PCP (long story) and he sort of stood in the gap for me there.

    How long is your drive? I really hope he works out for you. Give him at least a few visits (unless of course you hate each other on site, lol ~ but I doubt that's going to happen). I'll be watching for your update.

    Love and prayers

    PS ~ I know what you mean about bad days, believe me!!! This is the pits, isn't it??? Sending you lots of gentle (((((hugs)))))
  10. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I WILL keep you updated.

    May I ask though, have you gotten better under Dr. Katz's treatment? If so, what has improved?

    I'm "attempting" to become drug free so I can become pregnant (before it's too late) AND gain the ability to work again so that we can afford to get out of my living situation & not have to live week to week (hubby's paycheck).

    I'm not sure if any of is even possible :(
  11. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    Have you found Dr. Katz good for FM & CFS?

    gentle bump

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