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    Is there anyone who has gone to Belgium to do treatments with Dr. de Meirleir? Any information would be appreciated. And any information about his approach would also be welcome. Why are his treatments so costly?
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    have bumped thread for you its long englishbob started

    he tests for many things from bacteria to virus etc so the tests are many and varied

    you can order the urine test very cheaply via post and avoid the foods that produce the gas it tests for someone kind may bump the foods or you can google it

    i can say the main foods to avoid are wheat dairy eggs as well as wine if you are still able to drink

    i can say i tested positve to this test and avoiding these foods was of help

    dr myhill had already advised not to take wheat which was causing ringing in ears as soon as i started to eat wheat again i got back the worst muscle pain and ringing in ears light sensitivity so worth a try as its so cheap to start with

    dr myhill s advise can be found on her website basically b12 q10 ie co enzyme were of most help to me but check it out for free

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