Dr Klimas TV Interview Nov 13 2009

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elisa, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Elisa

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    Hi All,

    I'm not sure if this has been posted - but it's a great interview of Dr. Klimas.


    God Bless,

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  2. mbofov

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    Thanks for posting. The only quibble I have is with what she said is about how it's transmitted. She mentioned mother to child, etc., but didn't mention the Incline Village outbreak or all the other outbreaks which indicate it can be casually transmitted, under certain circumstances.

    But overall a very good interview, and great interviewer! He knew the right questions to ask -

  3. dvdav2000

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    I think she tells it as she feels at this time. I don't think the Incline situation was highlighted in any of the research so far as only that lab samples were selected from the " bank " that was part of Peterson's work, along with others... that may have been in that geographic region.
    AT HER MEETING presentation 2 weeks ago, I remember the conversation going in the " it's great stuff... " " we don't know exactly what is .. YET... or it's transmission dynamics ", and at the NIH meeting three weeks ago.... The people who maintain the nations " Blood Supply " will do alot of the " dirty " work for us... ( to protect the Nation, of course ) ", and " I would not be running out getting XMRV testing and sentencing yourself to results that may not be correct... " I thought I heard that the test has a 1 in 3 shot of being accurate at this time ( pos. or neg. )... Klimas says every minute that ticks by,... we learn more... what a wonderful time to be in research... as thousands of Hiv A id researchers are sitting on their hands because there is little research left to do in H iv, and so much in ME/ CFIDS, and how all these teams worldwide will be clamoring for the research monies from gov't, and now that there will be a commercial application to be solved for big $$$...." THE PRIVATE SECTOR... " Ohhhh myyyyyyy...



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