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    I would like to hear the views of Dr. Komaroff ( Harvard ? ) regarding the latest WHI/ XMRV findings. He seems to be the " Billy Crystal " of the IACFS/ME conference as he presents a 45 minute summary of the entire conference as it concludes. ( no dancing ) He also cites some of the more " cool " presentations ( sort of like the Emmy's ) of the conference. From my observations he is one of the most credible in the CFIDS community...
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    I have a soft place in my heart for this doctor even though I never met him. I gradually got sick over three years. Then I plummeted. I went on a search on the Internet after my gyno had been trying hormone therapies.

    About a week after my plummet, the night before my appointment with my gyno, I concluded from my online research that I have CFS. The next day, my gyno said he thought that is what I have even without my saying it. But of course, he doesn't treat it.

    Then it was an internist and an endocrinologist. Internist found hypothyroidism. But the thyroid treatment helped a little. I still only had four hours of energy a day. So by that time, three months later, I wondered if my self-diagnosing, along with the assumption of my gyno was right. Might it be something else, like my thyroid, that is causing the fatigue. My endo was toying around with my thyroid meds when I was online researching again.

    And I stumbled across Komaroff's research on orthostatic hypotension in connection with CFS. I have had fainting spells from sudden blood pressure drops since I was five. That clinched it. I had no doubt from that point on that I have CFS. And the indisputable confirmation in my mind came from Komaroff's research.

    Thanks you Dr. Komaroff for saving me from many more months of uncertainty. I will tune in to anything this doctor says.

    I have much respect and gratitude for the many other doctors who have taken up our cause. But Komaroff has that special place in my heart.


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