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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LindaJones, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. LindaJones

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    Has anyone seen Dr. Lapp at the Hunter Hopkins Center in North Carolina?
    He has a program that helps people with cfs/fm to manage their symptoms.
    It is called the Stepwise Approach.
    Here is his website --
  2. spacee

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    I have seen Dr. Lapp many years ago. I liked him but one of the questions he asked me
    was "what was keeping me from getting better". What? "finding what causes this DD!"

    Personally, I would just read his Step Wise, which are on the internet...google his
    name and step wise and start doing them.

    One thing that bothers me also, is that on the internet he still recommends Kutapressin.
    That has been off the market since 9/11. There is something called Nexavir that is
    suppose to be its replacement but people have not gotten the same results.

    I like Transfer Factors better even better than Kutapressin (info is in my bio where to buy)
    but go slow cause they can pack a wallop as Rich Carson who owns this site says. He takes
    them too. After about 6 years of taking them, I have stopped. I think they have done
    as much as they can do for me.

  3. wolfej

    wolfej New Member

    Seen Dr. Lapp and Dr. Black - Only saw Dr. Lapp once and Dr. Black approx. 6-7 times. I just can't go anymore because of no insurance, but I would if I could. Dr. Black is extremely good at trending your labs and symptoms and treating accordingly. Unlike my last couple of primary care docs that never look back through notes and compare labs. I spent 2 weeks at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN and got nothing to show for it. One day with Dr. Black and got my thyroid confirmed as needing treatment. Cortisol was low. EBV (EA) was very high as well as HHV-6.

    Their website is in definite need of updating though.

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