Dr. Lapp in North Carolina anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kay31, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Kay31

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    Been there, done that. Someone mentioned a visit to a doctor in NC. Wondered if it was to Dr. Lapp. I paid big bucks to see him; the one thing I came away with was the validation that I had CFIDS. The B-12 injections did nothing for me.

    I eventually went to another doctor in CT who has treated many patients with our problem. It's been a juggling act with meds....some remissions....but not right now. Am supposed to go away in 2 weeks and I'm a basketcase. Don't want to be a "drag" on others. I've rested for a week now...no grocery shopping, nothing. Just let Maggie out and then back to bed.

    These posts have been SO helpful. Make me feel that I'm not alone and that there IS hope. I really feel for all of you who care for children, a husband and work.
    Thank God this didn't hit me until I retired.

  2. chickadee

    chickadee New Member

    North Carolina and really considered seeing Dr. Lapp - In fact, I even called their office and I got a recording (during normal business hours). I left a message for someone to call me and no one ever did. That kinda told me that I didn't want to mess with them.

    I'm still searching........


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