Dr. Lapp on Board of Directors of Hemispherx Biopharma

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    Please Google Dr. Charles Lapp - Hemispherx. Click on the article "Ampligen in the Pink" and you will see in last paragraph that Dr. Charles Lapp and Dr. Anthony Komaroff are on the Board of Directors of Hemispherx Biopharma.

    This is all becoming so disturbing. It seems that so many doctors who treat this disease are out to make a LOT of money. I know that Dr. Lapp and Dr. Cheney do no take insurance of any kind and want a huge amount of money up front before they will even see you.

    I know that doctors have to make a living, but I simply could not trust one that is so completely GREEDY. I do believe there is a conflict of interest when a doctor has a financial involvement in the drug company whose drug he is pushing.

  2. Gretchen12

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    I see a Stuart Silverman who is pretty well known, esp. for FMS. Well over the years he's just turned into a money making machine.

    He runs every single drug trial under the sun, even for osteoporosis and who knows what all. He has a whole suite off offices next to his just for running these trials. He never wants to give you any medications at all if there's a trial coming up because he needs people who aren't on anything for the trials.

    Icing on the cake, last time I was there he told me about something that would be great for morning tiredness!!!! I was so excited. He played it up, "it's expensive but it works and it's non toxic. . ." Okay, I'll take some I said eagerly. Right, it's a bottle of amino acids he's selling out of his office which doesn't even say on the bottle what's in it and "come back in a month for another bottle." He charged me $50 for this bottle of. . .well it doesn't even say what's in there. Says "proprietary blend".

    Local people here think he's a hero because he does so much "cutting edge research" which means getting paid by drug companies to convince you to take a bunch of untested crap. Oh, and don't forget, if it does happen to do something to help you you can't get it anymore once the trils end . . .He must be making a fortune he has so many of these trials going on.

    And look at "take everything you can swallow" Teitelbaum. He's gone on to that flaky FFC where the offices keep disappearing and the doctors only stay a little while. Those FFC places are huge gougers and most of the tests they do are not even recognized in mainstream medicine as being accurate or reliable.

    Issn't Komoroff at Harvard, anyway? Like he's not making any $$ working there. And don't we feel a little conflict of interest when someone at a research university gets in bed (publicly) with a particular drug company?? Well, that's the corruption at private school although the publics are going that way too now.

    Really, it's buyer beware for us poor slobs. Interesting post. Thanks.
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    Rather than googling what was suggested above and getting an undated article fron The Forum try googling "Hemispherx board of directors". Neither Lapp or Komoroff are listed as directors or on the scientific advisory board.

    I suggest that either The Forum article is old or was never correct to begin with.


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    I don't see Dr. Lapp or Dr. Komaroff listed as being on any board of directors on the Hemispherx web site. And I don't believe that physicians on the scientific boards of directors for pharmaceutical companies are usually paid (although they obviously may get big grants in order to do patient testing).

    Really good physicians in most fields make a substantial amount of money, and so I don't object to doctors specializing in CFS making just as much. This is a hard disease to figure out, and only people who are extremely good are going to get anywhere.

    I happen to consider my own doctor to be in that category. Unfortunately, I do not believe that many of the doctors currently specializing in this disease really are very good or do much to help patients.

    Hopefully now that CFS is recognized as a real disease, that will start to change as more doctors become interested in the field.

    The other more important issue is the reluctance of insurance companies to pay for treatments related to CFS. Hopefully now that CFS is being recognized as a real disease, that will change too.

    Best, Lisa

  6. Kay31

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    Hi Gretchen,

    I went to Dr. Lapp in NC....the biggest cost was my airfare and hotel. I found him to be knowledgeable, kind and, hopefully, honest. Sure, he charges by the hour, as I found out in a follow-up phone call....but it was not exhoritant.

    Also heard Teitelman speak one night. He's also knowledgeable, but I tend to believe that he's out to make the big bucks. $5,000 a visit? Come on, where's the guy's compassion?

    Also, you'd have to furnish me proof that all of the proceeds from his meds go to charity.

    His book "From fatigued to fantastic" is a good read with lots of knowledge. But how did he recover in just over a year's time? I think he had EBV and not CFS.
  7. Slayadragon

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    Dr. Bell states that the children of parents (mothers?) with CFS often have either "chronic fatigue syndrome" or "chronic fatigue."

    I tend to think that there is a "CFS-lite" that a substantial percentage of the population has. And if so.....I tend to think that's what Teitelbaum had.

    The idea that he would have recovered from true CFS that easily is pretty far-fetched, I think.

    I think "From Fatigued to Fantastic" is a good text of things to try for CFS, but his notion of throwing all that stuff at people at once is just bad science. I don't know how much money he gets from the FFC's, but they practice bad science too.

    Best, Lisa

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    Everyone I read about who recovered from CFS is a man. Every single one. Do any of you know of a woman who has recovered from this? This is very curious to me Are they just saying this because they have products to sell? Why aren't there women out there doing that?
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    Most energetic, bright woman I know. Sujay who is a woman doc who used to post here recovered, I do believe. The daughter of a friend recovered. But the Dr. Bell says tht 80% of children do. They probably have the "lite" version although sometimes they have to be home schooled for awhile. She went to college on a tennis scholarship.

    I do like the distinction between CFS cause it ain't all the same! My sis did do her time in "he --" though. About 6 years.


    PS Good Thread though!
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    and the restraints they place on these docs. Some of these docs are older than me (57). It is a huge headache. Cheney, Lapp, Goldstein and others stood up for us when it was VERY unpopular. They risked their professional careers for us.

    I am sorry they have to go to the extreme of not taking insurance but I think they are feeling that time is getting away and they must do all they can do.

    That is my opinion.

  11. Slayadragon

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    I just bumped a post called

    "Have You Heard of CFS Patients Getting Truly Well?"

    The second post in the thread is about a woman I know.

    Best, Lisa

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