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    I just read Dr. Lapp`s tip of the day.He advises frequent rest, light areobic excercises and low stress. I had`nt been out of the house for a few days because I was feeling really miserable and in a lot of pain.Today I forced myself to do some needed grocery shopping ,took my dog to be groomed and insisted on going with my husband to pick her up. Well, I could hardly get back in the car with her,sat down and immediately went to sleep.My husband got dinner, I ate and back to sleep again.Later tonite I thought I was having a heart attack.tight pain in my chest and back + down my left arm. It hit me twice and I thought sure it was my heart. My husband said my pulse remained steady so I am assuming it was that I over did when I was really too tired to do anything. I just felt that I needed to exercise in some way.Any comment on what anyone thinks happened? I would hate to think that I am not going to do anything any more.
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    Make sure your doctor knows about this right away. I have a 52 year old female FM/CFS patient whose chest pain was so severe that the ER doctor thought she was psychotic (anyone else noticed how our physical complaints seem to be minimized or turned into psychiatric problems - which many regular medical doctors seem to feel lets them off the hook for addressing the problem?); turns out a stress echo shows she has Coronary Artery Disease. Don't take any chances! See your doctor right away to find out if you have angina (pain due to lack of oxygen to your heart).