Dr. Lerner and SSDI?

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    Does Dr. Lerner support those of us applying for SSDI? I was thinking of going to him but I am applying for SSDI soon and don't want to mess up claim.

    I would love to hear your success with him, if you have filed for SSDI and if he supported you.

    He does sound like a great doctor to go to.

    I just went to a new Rhemy and she looked at me and said; "I'll treat you only if you want to get better". Of course I said yes, who wouldn't want to get better but so far her theory that I was deficient in Vitamin D, B12 and B6 was negative. She wants to send me for Palates therapy.

    I am so confused by all the claims that we can get better and than disappointed that I'm not. All the supplements that I take do nothing.

    I am close to filing for SSDI but get scared that maybe I'm not disabled and should keep trying to get better. So many people say; "do not delay applying".

    If I were on a ship I'd probably jump off.

  2. acer2000

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    Do both, apply for SSDI and go to lerner. He will write a letter supporting you saying that at the time you applied you were disabled (if you are). Then if you happen to get better you will obviously only get benefits for when you weren't able to work. Its not like they are going to look at you unfavorably if you are trying to get better.

    As far as how much lerner does to document diability, he didn't do much for me. He wrote a letter. He didn't order a bunch of exercise tests and cognitive testing etc.. that is sometimes required by different disability policies. I had to have another Dr. do that at ther request of my lawyer.

    But I mean that shouldn't be the focus of going to a Dr. anyways, you should go to him because you think he might be able to help you get better...
  3. kitteejo

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    Well, that's easy enough to say but when the rest of the world looks at you and says your not disabled, than you start to doubt yourself.

    If I were to go to him I'd want support with my disability not just help with getting it but emotional support. Not the doubtful eye.

    I guess I have given up on being cured.

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    first of all.. i wouldn't give up being cured yet. i have been sick over 15 yrs..was sick as you can be, and have started improving under dr. lerner's care. he is phenomenal.

    he is supportive in terms of writing letters. he will not doubt you are sick...he has been trying to tell people that CFS is real for 20 years....people are finally listening to him.

    he is simply the best....and he knows people need a lot of rest. he stresses this.

    you cannot look to CFS doctors for emotional support. if you need this, you have to lean on a psychiatrist, therapist, friends, or family. he is not a "feel good" doctor...but he might be the best chance you have of getting well.

    good luck

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  5. acer2000

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    I fail to see how this changes things. You need to get SSDI. You need a doctor to support you. Why not go to a doctor who both will support you and try to get you better. If you don't get better, then you will have SSDI. If you do get better then you will have had SSDI for the time you needed it, and then you will be able to work again.

    If you are worried about getting SSDI, I'd also get a lawyer who is familiar with getting it for people with chronic illness or even better someone who has worked with CFS/FMS before. You will need both a lawyer and a supportive Dr.

    Dr. Lerner won't give you the doubtful eye. He knows what CFS is and he takes care of a lot of people with it. I know its hard, but I would divest yourself of what "other people think" about your disability status. Don't doubt yourself. Insurance companies and SSDI have a job, and its to deny or limit people (even people who are obviously disabled) from getting benifits. Don't take it personally, its just what they do...

    Having gone through this process myself with CIGNA, you are far better off (regardless of your prognosis) going to someone who is a world expert in CFS and having them support you... be it Lerner, or someone else. They are much more likely to be credible and will know the ins and out of what tests are neccesary to support you case objectively. They will also try to help you imrprove as much as possible, if they can... which IMHO is a good thing.

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    I went to Dr. Lerner (actually went back because I had been a patient of his 10 years ago) because I thought he would lend credibility to my SSDI case, particularly since he is considered the expert on chronic fatigue. He also has a scale of functioning level that he rates you on.

    I did not say anything to Dr. Lerner about filing for disability, and I would not recommend it, I don't think he would react very well if he even suspected you were coming to see him for that reason. The office was very cooperative in sending in my records to the attorney. Instead of approaching Dr. Lerner about writing a letter of support for me I make the request through one of the women at the desk. He did write a short letter of support in which he also added he was optimistic about my recovery.

    Whether he helped, I'm not sure, but I was approved for SSDI in March.

  7. kitteejo

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    I really appreciate all the advise. Been really stressed out with what to do about my life.

    Went to a Rhemy and she thought she was going to make me better so I decided not to file for SSDI. Well, nothing that she did made me any better. Disappointment!

    My PCP wants me to file and recommended an attorney and a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Both things happen next week.

    I'd really love to see Dr. Lerner just to understand my CFID problems better. The Rhemy only addressed the FM. My PCP is very supportive but I think he feels I won't get any better. He knows me very well as we worked together at the same hospital.

    I need to get through next week before I try anything else, than I may give him a call and make an appointment.

    Great to hear it when someone wins their case. Congratulation's.

    Will have to go back to read the post to see if I missed any questions. Having a fog morning.


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